Did you just drive-in a brand-new car home and are pretty much excited to drive it around? Well, buying a new car does bring a lot of excitement, but along comes the responsibility of taking a total care of the car on a regular basis. And any delay in servicing results in the degradation of the quality of car parts. It’s often seen that people enjoy free service from a specific car care center, if they have free warranty servicing period. But once the period expires, they mostly prefer visiting any random auto shop to get their car service done hoping the overall cost to be less. In fact, from jacking up the bills to a tendency of delivering cheap work, there are a lot of major issues that people often face in random service centers. This in turn is causing customers to stop visiting the repair shops, and most of them have taken up DIY steps to repair their cars. But if you are new to all these issues and are constantly hovering around Google for “the best car garage near me”, then you definitely need to be aware of all the discrepancies that most car repair centers have in common before you haul on to any random shops! This blog is going to help you decide the best for your needs.


The discrepancies that most “car garage near me” has to offer! 

  • Car garages have uncomfortable waiting areas! 

Service centers generally have smaller, somewhat uncomfortable waiting areas. As a result, most of the time, customers either have to stand in a long queue or have to sit at any random place until the service is done. Thus, to most customers, it’s not at all the best place to go and sit for hours.


  • No dedicated mechanics for follow-ups! 

Employee turnover remains high and due to poor management, workshops tend to hire new employees or mechanics to attend the visiting customers thus making it difficult for them to interact with new mechanics each time they visit.


  • Lack of cleanliness  

A car garage can never be expected to be squeaky clean all the time due to the oil and other messy substances that mechanics work with. Thus, customers avoid car repair shops that lack cleanliness, modern techniques, have clutters and oil spills all over the place. 

  • Auto workshops never follow any service maintenance schedule! 

Every car comes with an owner’s manual that clearly specifies the importance of getting a timely visit to car workshop. It’s done to keep all car parts in good working condition and check if the car is still at its optimum performance. Sometimes customers don’t follow the schedule and sometimes technicians miss to read the pass details and service accordingly. 

  • Genuine parts are not used! 

Most garages while replacing car accessories with an alternative one tends to overlook the originality of its parts that creates performance issues in future. Customers go through worse experience of getting their car fitted with low-rated, poor-quality, knock off parts that in turn reduce car’s lifespan, and its performance substantially. This is one of the biggest blunders that most of the workshops make.


  • To you, it’s the best car workshops in Dubai, but to them, you are just another customer! 

A one-to-one relationship between a car owner and a mechanic has always helped build confidence in the past, but it can limit exposure as well. Since small shops handle one or two cars a day versus hundreds ocars and a fleet of technicians in a big set up. Experience always helps.

  • Car workshops in Dubai and Al Quoz take much time to deliver customer’s car after servicing! 

This is the most common problem people face. They are asked to drop their vehicles in service centers and are told mechanics are taking time to diagnose the problem. But that’s not the real story! Car mechanics take the vehicle to another repair shops to get it fitted with local spare parts available in the market, and later charge customers with an unnecessary bill due to which they end up deciding not to step in garage anymore!


  • Customers are often fooled saying, “Your car has been detected with some additional problems”! 

Yes! Customers are often fooled by the service centers saying that some additional problems have been detected that need to be urgently fixed. And people mostly get to hear of such expensive repairs only when they are about to pay the bill. In fact, these unnecessary replacements are done without customer’s consent, and later service center refuses to release car till owner pays the inflated bill.

These are some of the discrepancies that most service centers have in common. But wait! Are you too planning to opt for DIY steps like all other customers? In theory, it might sound like a great idea. But once you actually get under your hood or under a car, it’s likely going to be a much different story. You might end up creating a mess and spending a huge to fix it again. So, it’s always better to seek help from ZDEGREE– one of the most renowned and trusted car workshops in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Quoz to get your car servicing done at an affordable rate. They are known for embracing the latest technology leaving behind no chance for you to regret about choosing their service center.  

ZDEGREE mechanics are experienced and skilled enough to provide you good service as per your expectations. From providing you a comfortable place to sit while your services are done, to providing you genuine parts for your car, ZDEGREE has everything that you would want in any service centers! So next time while you hover around Google in search of “car garage near me”, better directly visit ZDEGREE. Click here to book an appointment online!