If you are an experienced nurse working with the NHS or a private healthcare institution, then you will be familiar with the hassle of covering shifts when one of your colleagues gets unexpectedly sick. And not only this, the challenges of maintaining round the clock care is something that cannot be explained.

If you love being a nurse but want to work on your terms with better pay, have you ever considered joining a nursing agency in London? We bet that you have heard a lot about it, either from your colleagues or someone known from the family, or you may have heard about it online, which might be the reason you are reading this post.

If you are confused with the idea of becoming an agency or an independent nurse, then keep on reading to know everything about agency nursing.

Let’s get started.

Why has agency nursing become so popular?

Post-Brexit and due to the lack of bursaries, hospitals have experienced a number of unfulfilled nursing posts in the United Kingdom. Considering this aspect, the majority of the healthcare facilities across the United Kingdom prefer nursing agencies for providing them with experienced nurses to full up the posts.

Why are nurses choosing to become agency nurses?

There are several reasons why nurses are joining a nursing agency in London. For starters, the hours are shorter, and the pay is much better. The following are the reasons why you would want to become an agency nurse.

#1 Increasing your work opportunities

While people go into nursing with the aim of helping others, there are instances when they really start to struggle, both physically and financially, and sometimes mentally. Some hospitals tend to have more work and less pay for their nurses. This can really demotivate them. Agency nursing comes into play offering a rewarding nursing career, giving nurses the lifestyle they need or want. Agency nursing jobs come with higher pay rates without some of the stress associated with permanent nursing.

On the other hand, you get to work in different work environments, across different medical care facilities in the country. From a career perspective, you would want exposure to different work settings and that too under different medical professionals. This will help you grow as a medical professional and give you something to add to your resume. Overall, working as an agency nurse, you will be making a lot of friends in the industry from different parts of the country. This only increases your work opportunities.

#2 More Flexibility

You would want a job where you can truly control your life and choose assignments, locations, and hours that you would like to work. One of the perks of being an agency nurse is flexibility in your work. For starters, you can choose the shift you want to work, take up nursing jobs in locations you prefer, and decide how many hours you will be working. All this enables you to change your lifestyle and enjoy life more.

You can plan your shifts, working hours, and location, among other things accordingly so that you can take care of your personal commitments like spending more time with your loved ones, make more money, or just work less. If you are an experienced nurse, looking for more work, you will get higher pay. This is the reason why agency nursing jobs are more in demand than NHS nursing. The best part is that you can finally prevent night shifts for good.

#3 Greater pay rates

Agency nursing offers higher pay rates as compared to permanent nursing. This is because agency nursing jobs are assigned at short notices, and there is a potential that these assignments might be canceled or called off. It is a sad reality that hospitals are not able to manage events like sudden shortages of staff in an effective manner. Agency nurses grab these opportunities and fill in for the absent nurses. Since they are called in such short notice, they are paid higher.

As an agency nurse, you will be paid on a weekly basis, the location you are working at, your specialization, the number of hours worked, and seniority, among other factors. With that said, as an agency nurse working on your own terms, you can easily make around £48,000 in a year.

What does it take to become an agency nurse?

Agency nursing is a suitable option for experienced nurses because there is always the possibility of hitting the ground running. You will be expected to provide a high standard of support and knowledge, be capable of adapting quickly to reform in a plethora of situations, and offer higher standards of care. Moreover, you will also be required to solve problems while keeping patient care as the first priority.