Our spinal cord is a column of 33 individual bones stacked one above the other among which 24 are mobile bones. The chord is one of the most important parts of the body as the column is the main support for the body allowing us to stand upright, bend and twist easily. It gives the body shape and flexibility. It’s the part of the axial skeleton acting as the central support structure. The presence of elastic ligaments and spinal disks give the chord flexibility.

Most people in the country suffer from back pain – it’s a common ailment, which may be caused due to spinal problems. Spine problems are also related with neurological disorders. Spine surgery is required when you suffer from degenerative spinal conditions like stenosis ( narrowing of the spinal cord) or when you experience weakness, trouble walking, lose bladder and bowel control, blood in stools, problem with nerves present in the back . Spine surgery in India is also done for bone spurs, spinal tumours, spinal infections, slipped discs , broken /dislocated bones and chronic back pain.

There are many types of spinal surgery like vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, spinal laminectomy, spinal nucleoplasty, artificial disc replacement and more. If you experience tingling and numbness, weakness or loss of motor functions consult your doctor immediately.

Spine surgery in India is comparatively less expensive than other parts of the world, costing around 5,000 to 15,000 USD. Elsewhere it’s usually north of that value. However most patients and doctors prefer trying conservative and non surgical options prior to surgery. If the patient doesn’t suffer from degenerative or life threatening conditions, physiotherapy , massages and other such treatments are undertaken to reduce back pain.

Spinal surgery hasn’t yet proven to be the ultimate route to eliminate back pain. Various studies and surveys have shown that patients were able to overcome back pain through non surgical treatments as well. However surgery is effective as well with 90% of patients reporting relief from back problems plaguing them for a long time. Most patients reported more energy and better working conditions than before. But with surgery comes the added risk of infection and expenses.

A cost minimisation study conducted for a 36 month period was done to decrease the economic expenses of spinal surgery in the country. Minimally invasive surgeries cost less than open ones. Spinal surgery in India has varying costs based on a multitude of factors like the type of the hospital, insurance or payment methods, reputation, brand value and accreditation of the hospital, type and extent of the surgery, technology used for the procedure, type of anaesthesia used, patient diagnosis and health conditions along with other deciding factors.

Spinal surgery costs are also dependent on the experience of the surgeon and the extent of sensitivity of the procedure. Spine surgery in India was found to be cheapest in Noida (city) and Kerala (state). Metropolitan areas or tier 1 cities had the most expensive options. The government and medical associations are looking into making the costs of spinal surgery in the country lower. Research towards lowering costs are also being done with IIT Madras students recently developing a robot which can increase precision and reduce the costs of spinal surgery.

With such immense developments in spinal surgery, you are sure to get the best treatment for all your spinal ailments. So sit back and relax, literally!