Life doesn’t always run as per the plan. Dental problems tend to flare at the most unsuitable time, causing a great deal of pain and discomfort. You can never know when you require the services of an Emergency Dentist, NJ. If you experience any issues, you should immediately head out to visit your dentist. Neglecting a dental problem can lead to greater trouble later.

While teeth problems are unavoidable, you should take care to maintain basic oral hygiene to prevent infection. Ensure that two times a day, you brush your teeth and floss once. Take care that food particles don’t get stuck in between teeth or in your gums. Get your teeth checked at least once every 6 months. Don’t neglect any problems with your teeth, particularly if it causes pain or bleeding. If the problem gets detected early, you can prevent having to suffer from severe pain and discomfort.

When do I need to go to the Emergency Dentist, NJ?

If you observe severe pain, bleeding, or pus, then you might need immediate attention. If not treated, your problem can get aggravated and cause further problems. Here are some common reasons for which you need the services of an Emergency Dentist, NJ


  • Broken or Knocked-out Teeth


Despite our teeth being quite strong, it is possible to break or damage your tooth in an accident. If you can, wash the broken tooth thoroughly and attempt to keep it back in its socket. If you are unable to do so due to injury or swelling, then place the broken fragment in milk to keep it moist and bring it to us. If your tooth has been knocked out, it requires immediate attention in order to repair the damage. If your face swells, then you can apply a cold compress to the affected area till we can attend to you.


  • Tooth Infection


If you have a tooth abscess or decay, it can cause swelling, severe pain, and pus gets accumulated. If not treated, it can cause the infected tooth to become loose. You need to clean the area by water or with flossing. This may help to remove any food particles and clean your mouth. You may need to do a root canal to remove the infected part.


  • Gum Infection


If food particles get lodged between the teeth and gums, it can lead to swollen gums, pus, and even bleed. You will need to go for deep cleaning of your teeth right up to the roots. If the infection is severe, you may have to go for surgery. If treatment is not done at the right time, the infection can take a serious form called periodontitis.


  • Pulp Infection (Pulpitis)


When the inner tooth layer gets inflamed, it causes sensitivity to heat or cold. This needs to get removed through a root canal or tooth extraction. This helps to ensure the infection doesn’t spread and also helps heal the affected area. If not looked into, acute pulpitis can spread to the jaw or sinus or even to the brain in extreme areas.


  • Wisdom tooth Extraction


Vestiges of our evolutionary process, we tend to get a third set of molar teeth even though we no longer have any need for them. Due to this reason, our mouth no longer has the space to accommodate them. When we do get these teeth, also called wisdom teeth, we usually suffer from pain. This is because, in the majority of the cases, these come out partially or sideways or get blocked by other teeth. If that is the case, then you need to get the wisdom tooth removed to prevent damage to the other teeth.

We understand emergencies happen, often at the most unexpected times. Due to this reason, we are always open to serve walk-in dental emergencies and take in last-minute appointments. We also take in walk-in appointments of new patients. You can also get the facility of same-day scheduling or even next-day scheduling. You will look into the problem and help you walk out with no or reduced pain. You may have some tenderness or swelling, particularly if you had surgery. However, after a few days, you will feel much better.