Web scraping is an admired term for a range of significant professional approaches used to take out web information or gather precious information online. Usually, the text extraction is performed successfully with special software that replicates web surfing to congregate required bits of information immediately from a number of websites. Web scraping lowers down the work burden of the professionals who actively look for extracting numerous data from different websites within few moments. This is possible just by placing the URL of the web page and clicking on the extract button.

Different significant use of web scraping

Even though the basic meaning of Web Scraping is extraction data from various websites, many significant time-saving tasks could be easily accomplished. Some important tasks are Text extraction, image capturing, table parse, weblink extraction, favicon extraction, data mining, and many more web extraction or harvesting purpose. 

  1. Image capturing through Web Scraping 

It’s not a big deal! Just alteration of some syntax with a similar professional method! Also, here XML Path tactics can be included to navigate through specific elements and attributes in an HTML or XML document.

XPath is an XSLT standard element that is regularly recommended by W3C for the intention of web scraping. Generally, it uses genuine syntax “path like” to show results and obtain the simplistic approach to specific document nodes in an HTML or XML document.

  1. Data mining through Web scraping

Currently, most of the websites grant viewing the placed data only throughout a web browser. They rule out saving of all this information through ‘copy’, ‘paste’ or ‘save as’ function for a different purposes. Because of the restriction of copy-paste of data from different sites, data copying becomes a tiresome activity and web scraping helps a lot in this context by easing the process of data extraction.

Different types of data mining are Text pattern fetching, HTML parsing (Wrapping), HTTP programming, and DOM (Document Object model parsing).

  1. Extract Text through XPath using HTML Agility Pack C# (Web Scraping)

In this method, various functions for numeric values, sequence control, booleans, string values, node control, date and time comparison, etc. Another feature of XPath is it could be integrated into XML Schema, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, C and C++, and many more.

  1. Extract favicon from the websites through HTML Agility Pack c# (Web Scraping)

Favicon is an icon that is mentioned as a shortcut for a website, tab, URL, or bookmarks. A web designer uploads it as the UI page part and the web browser shows this as an image nearby the address bar. In the multi-tabs supporting browser, the image is displayed beside the title of the web page on the tab.

  1. Searching HTML Page by specific text through Web Scraping

In this method, we can get the elements that come under the same CSS class and can extract data from the Html content on the web page. 

In order to extract content from the text based on the outline, yet there are different shortfalls for novices to utilize them. 

  1. Find Text by class name through web scraping

HtmlAgility is a very great web scraping tool that helps in obtaining particular text instead of obtaining the entire web page. Various classes in HTML & CSS are used as genuine style announcement block that will be implemented only on those discriminating elements which carry that specific attribute inclusion.

  1. Extract Meta-Information from the website Through Web Scraping

In this approach, you will be able to access the power of this crucial library by loading the HTML page and obtaining all the valuable href values present in a web page.

Overall, you’ll be able to learn different methods like Hap select nodes method. For more information, feel free to reach us.