Genesis has always been a reputed name in the highest category of luxury cars, and now it competes directly with the stalwarts of this game, namely the Mercedes Benz, Audi, and BMW. Genesis has in fact branched out from its parent concern Hyundai to focus on redefining the concept of in-car luxury.

Redefining In Car Luxury

But as pointed out by an auto critic we’ve met at the Riverside Genesis showroom, Genesis has its own way of luxuriating its cars that really has changed the way people used to think about car luxuries. With Genesis it is more about the quality assurance in every department that finally makes every product from this house a masterpiece. Today we will talk about the 2020 edition of G70 models from Genesis that could site one of the best examples about how the automaker has led the automotive industry in the route of quality assurance, establishing its importance in car making. No doubt in this Genesis also points out yet another important aspect of in car luxury and that is individual space. So, if you enter the 2020 Genesis G70, what you’ll first get to notice is a sprawling interior cabin that is bereft of any unnecessary crowding of technology clusters but providing the advantages of the latest ones.

In Terms of Automated Features

Luxury is converting manual effort into automated ones. This concept gets a live demonstration when you enjoy a ride inside the 2020 Genesis G70. These sedans from Genesis can be safely termed as a hidden tech show where the occupants automatically get the right posture to sit, so that their backs don’t ache after completing a day long road journey in the 2020 Genesis G70. The front seats are power-adjusted so that you only have to press a button to get the right angle that suits you best. Genesis also offers a power-operated trunk as an optional feature that can open by itself as you reach near it. it does so automatically with the help of the new advanced key fob. Apart from this you get in the 2020 Genesis G70 additional features like power-adjustable steering wheel, heated and cooled seats, an 8.8 inch touchscreen display for the infotainment system that comes integrated with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Lastly you can park the 2020 Genesis G70 without a struggle because of the efficient parking sensors.

In Terms of Material Quality

Even the base versions of the 2020 Genesis G70 comes with good quality materials, like synthetic leather upholstery and soft to touch materials. Things will get automatically better in terms of material quality when you climb higher in the trim tree. Next higher trims, for example the 2.0T Elite trim adds a bevy of advanced features while its cabin comes wrapped in high quality leather upholstery.

Durability and Reliability

The sellers at the Riverside Genesis dealership showroom were proud to demonstrate how Genesis offers an uncompromisable quality in every compartment in all its products, like the 2020G70 sedans. They are built on a strong frame that ensure the car lasts as long as a lifetime. The materials though apparently look sophisticated and delicate are actually meant to undergo all the hardships that an ideal family vehicle should be ready to face.