Turnout rugs are a necessary item for horses, and these are certainly not cheap. So, you need to take good care of the rugs so that you can use it for years. If you thoroughly clean the rugs, then it will certainly remain in good condition, and here are some of the ways.

Professional cleaners are the best choice

If you are worried about how you can clean the turnout rugs, then it is the best option to opt for the professional cleaning services. Most of the professional cleaners have complete information on different ways of cleaning and maintaining horse rugs. With their expert knowledge, you can remain assured about the fact that they will give proper treatments as well as cleaning with your rug required. In case, you have a larger rug, then it can turn out to be quite painful for you to clean them thoroughly.

With the help of professional cleaning, things can be managed easily, and you will not have to worry about improper cleaning or treatment of the large rugs. Another significant advantage that you can get from professional cleaning is, they do repair rugs if there is any damage and after that re-proofs them.

Self-cleaning also maintains the condition of turnout rugs

In case, you want to stay away from the hassle of sending the turnout rugs for professional cleaners then, it is best if you do self-cleaning at your house. If your rug is small and extremely lightweight, then instead of spending money on professional service, it is best if you do machine cleaning. Yes, the smaller rugs can be easily washed at the house. But, make sure that you read the washing instructions properly. This will help in keeping your rug in a good condition without damaging it.

Use a damp cloth for cleaning

This is yet another quick and easy process that you can choose if you want to clean the turnout rugs by yourself. It is a quick process, and all you have to do is get a damp cloth and thoroughly clean the rug without putting too much pressure on it.

If you want, you can also use soap, but make sure that it is a non-biological soap. This will keep the fabric of the rug in a good condition throughout. Cool water is one of the best options instead of hot water as it will damage the quality of the rug completely.

Hence, these are some of the ways by which you can keep the turnout rugs in a good condition without damaging its fabric or colour.