Playing Video Poker seems a lot similar to slot machines. However, in reality, both of these things are a lot different from each other. Just like slot machines, you need to put a coin in the machine for playing Video Poker, but the game changes after this step. All the Video Poker games inside a casino are different, and each of them has a different payback percentage. Leaving everything aside, playing Video Poker is fun, and the game is one of the most loved games in all the casinos. Below are ten tips that will provide you with the right insights so that you can play Video Poker like a pro!

Never Play for less than 5 Coins: The jackpot pays more when you play for more than 5 coins, and spends a lot less when you play for less than 5 coins. For example, if you play for 1 to 4 coins, your jackpot will be 200 or 250 for 1, but if you play for 5 coins, your jackpot will be 800 for 1.

Start with Jacks: Jacks or Better is the most basic form of Video Poker. The hands that pay off start with a pair of kings, jacks, queens, or aces. If you start with a pair lower than this, then it will not pay off.

Do not get addicted to Video Poker: You need to understand that it is not possible to earn a living by playing Video Poker. The game is meant to be played for fun, and you should not leave your job for playing Video Poker.

Learn the Pay Table for Different Games: You should read through the 9/6 Pay Table and figure out the critical parts of the games through these tables.

Play at your own pace: You should solely think of Video Poker as a source of entertainment and play it at your own pace. According to the source, if you start playing the game fast, you have a high chance of losing a lot in this tricky game.

Learn the Right Strategies of the Game: Every game of Poker has its strategy, and there is no use of playing the game when you do not follow the appropriate strategy required to play the game. If you keep following the right strategies, you will keep on improving your chances of winning in the game.

Play by inserting your Players’ Club Card First: It is a must for you to insert your Players’ Club Card so that the Casino can track the appropriate rewards for the level at which you play.

Manage your bankroll: You need to know the difference between money management and bankroll management, and therefore, it is essential for you to manage your bankroll for saving yourself from going broke.

Play Poker only on trustworthy online casinos: Not all online casinos are safe and honest, and therefore, you should only choose to play on websites like Showlion which help you to play the game safely, without putting you into the trauma of losing.

Review the Best Software for playing the Best Games: Various resources scout out the best pay tables for you. In the case of online casinos, you need to review the software for getting information related to the paytable of Video Poker games you are interested in.


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