Carpets usually suffer a lot of damage during their lifespan and if you want them to last, look nice, and be healthy they are going to need some love. People don’t really consider giving their carpets a proper wash because vacuuming seems enough.

Visually maybe, it looks vacuumed and clean at first glance, but what you don’t see is all the dirt inside the fibers eagerly waiting to greet a new family of bacteria. Emerald Carpet Cleaning explained why it is important to give your carpet more than a simple vacuuming every now and then. Here’s what you can do:

Wash It

Yes, just like you would wash your clothes. A carpet needs to be washed two or three times a year depending on how heavily it is used. You can take it outside and wash it in your backyard if the weather is fine, but it is better to use a machine designed just for that. If you don’t own such a machine you can simply bring it to professionals.

You should also use washing agents with stain protectors. It might sound like too much work, and you are probably thinking that nobody washes their carpet so often. If you want to make sure you live in a healthy environment, especially at times like these, then taking this extra precaution, and adding a layer of extra safety for you and your family is recommended.

Remove Sags

You know those nasty sags when you remove a heavy object like a bed for example from your carpet. It leaves a sag which makes the whole carpet look ugly and old. There’s a simple life hack for that. You can rub ice cubes onto the sag to remove it.

Be Careful With Stains

Stains are often very difficult to remove. Unfortunately, every carpet has had to survive a number of stains throughout the years, but taking the right steps when that happens is what matters. You shouldn’t just rub the stain with a rug because it might push the liquid even further into fibers. Use a carpet cleaner momentarily which is your first aid for such accidents. If you don’t manage to remove the stain you can always get help from professionals.

If the stains are difficult to remove then you can at least prepare the carpet for removal, and remember that some stains need to be let to dry, while others should be cleaned as quickly as possible.

Use a Hairdryer

When you are finished with removing a stain, you can use a hairdryer and go over that area. This is a good way to dry it quickly because if you leave it to dry naturally it might attract more unnecessary stains. Too much water might cause colors to bleed and ruin the rest of the carpet, so be careful not to apply too much.


After you finish everything you can add a final touch and vacuum it. This will help straighten the edges and also give it a nice, thorough, and deep cleaning before you put it back to use. Make sure you do it slowly so that the vacuum has enough time to suck everything in nicely. If you just quickly go over a lot of dirt will stay in the carpet so it is better to be slow and methodical.