The idea of ​​spending your vacation in the same place for years is not particularly tempting. That is why there are companies, which specialize in the mediation of exchange opportunities for vacation use rights or the mediation for the purpose of acquisition or sale.

This is often used by dubious sellers and claims that you can easily exchange your right to live with any other apartment at any time and thus spend a vacation in any dream vacation locations.

However, this argument often turns out to be an empty promise. If you have a right to use a holiday apartment, you will hardly be able to exchange it for a luxury apartment in another location.

Rather, the objects must be of comparable quality and size so that the exchange works without any problems. It is also decisive, how much the holiday resorts are in demand and whether you have acquired a right to use them in the early, low or high season.

The general rule is: the exchange is not free of charge but involves costs. First of all, membership in exchange organizations is usually not free. Exchange fees are also charged for each exchanged holiday week.

If the contract for long-term holiday products does not contain a right to termination, you would wish to know how to cancel timeshare?

In the case of contracts for long-term holiday products with annual instalment payments, e.g. holiday club memberships, you have the right to terminate the contract. You can cancel it within two weeks of receiving the request for payment of the next instalment after payment of the second instalment.

Resale contract: Beware of dubious sellers:

Unfortunately, there are many black sheep in the industry that use resale for their purposes. Since there is hardly a market for “used” part-time usage rights or “used” long-term vacation products. Consumers often register at online sales exchanges or advertise in daily newspapers. This often brings up dubious providers.

The tricks of the dubious companies:

– Consumers are pretending to be reputable re-sellers that there are interested parties who want to take over their contracts. However, additional tax payments or other payments would have to be made before the sale.

– The sale is said to handle by a trustee, to whose account a processing fee has to pay. The purchase price should only be transferred to the trust account after receipt of the fee.

– Supposedly serious notaries want to handle the resale of the contract and against payment of a fee.

– Supposed government officials ask consumers to make additional tax payments. The letterhead looks like it actually comes from an authority.

– Consumers get mail to their home address. You will be lured to the resort. Reason: The contract is easier to resell on site. Most of the time, consumers come home with additional contracts instead of having sold the existing ones.

– Remember, once you have paid the money, you will lose without ever receiving anything in return!

Cancel Timeshare 100% legally:

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