What if Australian Student Visa application is rejected?

W.e.f July 2016, Student Visa Australia rules have changed and got simplified into SSVF (Simplified Student Visa Framework). Now all the student visa subclasses 571-576 have to be applied under 500. So now students who wish to join any category have to apply for 500. To study in Australia obviously you need to get the visa and we will see what all factors can affect your visa processing and the reason for VISA REJECTION.

Factors that can affect Student Visa Australia – Accepted or Rejected?

We will go in detail about Visa rejection, if we can avoid these mistakes definitely your visa will get accepted and you will be able to study in Australia.

Student Visa Australia

Exact Information:

While filing the application all the details that you are providing should be true. First of all you should be able to convince them you are financially well to afford all the expenses while you are there from fees, accommodation, food, travel etc. In case you are taking a loan , you have to mention that as well. Visa officers will ask for income proof of you / your family inorder to make sure you can afford the expenses. The income report they will be checking so provide everything correctly. We have to provide the expenses that are expected while we study there. They will be cross checking if you can bear the expenses. Also how we are going to pay back the loan. So a detailed report has to be submitted. Any false information is provided then the rejection possibility is very high. 

Visa History:

If your visa was rejected you can re-apply for the same. Inmost cases when you apply for the second the chances are more that you are accepted. In case if you are reapplying then you have to mention that as well including the reason why you got rejected before. Simply speaking the key to Visa approval is providing all the information correctly and don’t dare to lie to check your luck. 

What if your Student visa Australia is rejected?

Before applying for a Student visa you have to get an offer letter from the university you prefer to do your course. After receiving the offer letter, along with that you have to file for the visa processing. Getting an offer letter form the university doesn’t mean that your visa will get granted. Both are totally different. 

Understand the cause of rejection:

Upon rejection of the Student visa Australia they will be providing a common list of reasons why your visa is rejected we have to check and find out what happened with yours. Below are those.

-False documents (Incorrect information submission for visa processing)

-Not enough English fluency

-Financial support documents not provided properly.

-Not able to convince the visa officers during the interview the necessity of returning to India after studies etc.

Overcome the problem

Once you rectify the problem of being rejected earlier, the next step is to make the required changes to avoid being rejected again. Usually during the second approach the visa gets approved. But make sure you do the needful.

Apply Visa on Time

Early applicants have more chances to get approved. So always be an early bird. During the last minute, lots of applications pile up and obviously the chance of getting rejected is high. You can even enter the country 90days prior to the start of the course. And you can apply almost 120days prior to the course. 

So be prepared and reapply again. If you get rejected again better look into some other countries. 

Frankly speaking Student Visa Australia processing is a complex process, and you need to take proper measures to avoid your visa rejection. So I personally recommend, you should consult with the best Australian immigration agency and seek their advice to file the Student Visa Australia.