future of private number plate

The formats of the registration number plate in the UK have changed several times since their beginning in 1903. This article focuses on the latest information on the registration number plate and what is coming on in the future.

The new general and private number plates are released bi-annually. If you find a number plate that is not yet released, you can inform your number plate dealer who will keep track of that particular registration. So, whenever it will arrive on the market, the dealer will inform you first and you will be able to buy it before anyone else.

In the first release of the private number plate among the two releases six months apart, you will get the year date in the form of two digits. Eg:- in 2018, the first six months’ release consisted of the digits ‘19’ after the initial two characters. The second release of the same year adds 50 which forms the digits as ‘69’. This particular rule was for all number plates released between the years 2010 and 2019.

The format of the DVLA registration:

Over the past 120 years, the format of the display of the registration number plate has changed repeatedly.

Presenting the timeline of various types of number plate formats:

Dateless Number (1903 to 1963)

It consisted of one or two alphabets that were regional identifiers. The letters were followed by numbers starting from 1 to 9999. Then, this format was reversed in the zones where various combinations were supposed to extend the time for the format to last.

Suffix (1963 to 1983)

It consisted of three letters that are followed by three numbers and then, a single letter that was the age identifier.

Prefix number plate (1983 to 2001)

It consisted of a single letter that was the age identifier followed by one to three numbers and again followed by three letters.

2001 to present

It consists of two alphabets that signify the area code, two numbers as age, and then three letter sequences.

Ways to purchase DVLA registrations:

The reputed number plate dealers have a collection of more than 50 million DVLA plates. The customer service executives of these agencies help the clients to find private number plates having a sentimental value like name, date, etc. After locating the ideal personalized number plate, you can clear the payment and wait for the registration to be done. Within 14 days, you will get a Certificate of Entitlement.

Let’s look at the feature of future registrations:

Here, the first release will show the digits ‘20’ which represents 2020. After adding ‘50’ to the number plate, the second release of the same year will show the digits ‘70’.

Series First Release Series
20 01/03/2020 70
21 01/03/2021 71
22 01/03/2022 72
23 01/03/2023 73
24 01/03/2024 74
25 01/03/2025 75
26 01/03/2026 76
27 01/03/2027 77

The alphabet ‘Q’ won’t be shown on the future number plate. The particular letter is reserved for vehicles that have been customized a lot different from their original specification. In case, the DVLA fails to determine the manufacture date, those cars will get ‘Q’ registration. The alphabet ‘I’ is not allowed to display because it resembles number ‘1’.

Green number plates: The future

These number plates are supposed to be introduced in the UK once the parliament gives permission. Due to the present condition going on worldwide, the discussions on Green number plates have been put on hold. These number plates can be possibly seen in the future on roads. The vehicles with zero-emission will get green number plates. The vehicles holding green registration plates will be awarded priority parking and access to bus lanes.

Number plates with microchips:

Already, this technology is being applied in certain areas. Here, the number plate has a microchip embedded in it. The chip has information about the chassis number, past traffic crimes, personal identification number of the owner, and contact details. The information can be read using a special reader from 100m away.

Electronic license plates:

These plates are also called rPlates. A company named Compliance Innovations featured the idea. This plate will represent the DMV heaven irrespective of the location.

Technology and vehicles are mixing heavily and in the future, the innovations in private number plates will amaze us.