What is feminism?

As a writer and editor, Marie Shearer famously wrote in 1986, “Feminism is a basic idea that women are people.” In other words, feminism is a commitment to gender equality. This basic idea is not exclusive to women: men, while taking advantage of being the dominant sex, also contribute to overcoming the restrictions that deprive them of all humanity.

Although the media has discredited women’s rights as a campaign to fulfil the selfishness of female professionals, those who stand up for more are actually the ones who have the least. Complete for all women when there are additional layers of discrimination against women due to class, race, gender, disability, and age and more impact on women and children due to war, poverty and environmental degradation the demand for equality has to be met with extremism. Multi-issue feminism is rapidly becoming a critique of the whole social system. As Clara Fraser, a socialist feminist and ideologue, wrote, “The logic of women’s rights is to expand general fundamentalism.”

Feminism hasn't sold out even if it's being used as a marketing tool

Types of feminism

Like every social movement, Femmerang feminism has many political tendencies. There are three main types of feminist rights: socialist, reformist, and fundamentalist/separatist.

Socialist feminism

Explores the oppression and injustice against women that developed in connection with the class system of private property Socialist feminists view gender inequality internally within the capitalist system, which makes huge profits from the unpaid labour of women at home and the low wages in the workforce

Like racism, homophobia and other forms of prejudice, homosexuality divides the working class and allows capitalists to do more lucrative business. Because these different forms of oppression have a common source, they also have a common solution: socialism. Socialist feminists seek to overthrow capitalism and replace it with socialism, which collectively distributes the wealth created by human labour and has no economic involvement in perpetuating exploitation. Socialist feminists believe that in a workers’ democracy, the leadership of women and other oppressed people will soon be able to uproot chauvinist methods and psychology.

Radical women today are leading socialist women’s organization. Since its inception, it has called for a strategy of the independent, multi-tiered organization from capitalist political parties that prioritizes the needs of the most oppressed women. Radical Women is affiliated with the Freedom Socialist Party, a revolutionary socialist women’s party of men and women.

Reformist feminists

Believe that gender inequality can be eliminated through legislation or electoral reform without the need to change the capitalist system itself. Groups such as the National Organization for Women and Nasal / Pro-Choice America specialize in reformist women. Because they limit their efforts to what is being achieved within the current system, they are primarily attracted to the more privileged white, middle-class women, many of whom are partially or temporarily satisfied with the needs of reform. Maybe their point of view is the only problem and its purpose is to stop politicians and donors.

Religious women use masculine psychology or biology as a source of oppression for women. The most extreme form of radical feminism is separatism, which advocates a complete break with men. By setting up a universal sibling as a clergyman’s solution, radical feminists ignore class differences that prevent women as a whole from having the same interests. In the fight against racism, they often downplay the importance of solidarity between women and men of colour. They ignore issues that are not directly related to women’s experience. The magazine behind us and the Michigan Women’s Music Festival is a long-standing supporter of fundamentalist feminist ideology. Radical feminists are extremely prejudiced against transgender people and have organized activities against them. For insights on this question, see the Radical Women’s leaflet “Unpacking Transphobia.”

Femme Rang

Femmeرنگ is launching this year. The concept is to empower women and make everything available about feminism to them that have not been provided through media so far. It is a safe space to interact and bring up issues that are important to them.

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