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We have seen the more usages of social media regularly. Most people be attentive to social media. They post regularly to make more followers. Are you want to know about social media influencers? Read more to know about the details.

Who is an influencer?

An influencer is a person who need to have more audience for them and need to have credibility. If they have credibility, then more people will follow them. This Influencer can choose any media platform. It can be twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The person needs to have more followers, and they have to engage people with more posting. This can be a normal person or actor and actress or Sportsperson.

Mostly the influencers in the social media platforms are the Cini field persons and Sportsperson. There are many influencer marketing platforms in India. The top influencers in India are Virat Kohli; he has the highest followers list. He is the cricketer. Then next place has taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Then MS Dhoni, Akshay Kumar, and Shradha Kapoor. They are the top authentic Influencer in India for August 2020. It is calculated with the help of followers, engagement rate, and authentic engagement. This person has the power to influence more people. Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube is the tool to get more people.

How to be an Influencer

Many websites are working for the people or their brands to influence more people. The nano influencer is the person who needs to have 1000 to 10000 followers on Instagram. These influencers take a tool to brand their products or services. The Influencer has to engage their audience with posts or videos. An influencer is a person who has to strengthen a reputation. The reputation has to increase more. It can be related to any topic. It can be any topic in which they are specialized. In a specific topic, they have to post regularly. The followers have to pay attention to the post which you are posting. If you wanted to be an influencer, select a niche, keep on posting the good content, learn your audience, and engage with them.

Is Influencer get paid for the post?

Yes, the Influencer gets paid for the single posts. To make money as an Influencer, you need 10000 to 100000 followers. Then you can earn around $200 per post. If you have more followers, then you can expect more amount of money. This is the power of a nano influencer. Who is earning the highest on Instagram? Kylie Jenner is earning more on Instagram. She is earning 1.2 million for the single post on Instagram, according to the survey which has conducted in 2019. The most paid You Tuber is Dude perfect. The amount earned by him is $20 million. You can make money as an Influencer. Take any social media platform and post your specific content. This is one way and another way also available. You can take help from the websites or persons who know about the social platform. You can choose the influencer marketing platform in India. As mentioned earlier, there is more website, and people is working for it. These websites are working for a person to get more followers, and they decide what posts to post on social media and when to post on social media.