Here is the deal for you! We are going to tell you the basic steps on creating an online sales funnel, then you are going to share with us whether you tried this guide or not!

So, let us jump on to this piece of the discussion.

One should know that without proper marketing and advertising, your business is nothing. To make your business stand on its feet, the simple way is to utilize sales funnels so that your respective products and services can channelize their marketing tactics.

Here you can have a look at the steps on building and creating your first online sales funnel. And more authentic info on ClickFunnels is present on this site.

Step 1

The first step is to make an impressive and extraordinary landing page. Your potential customers are going to get an idea about your business by first looking at its landing page.

If this page looks remarkable, then these potential customers may further explore your business. Otherwise, they may switch themselves to some other website.

Do your homework and carefully think regarding how to design this landing page. Furthermore, a stunning landing page pushes your visitors to subscribe or become a regular visitor to your website.

This landing page act as the first line of communication and usp of your brand, so make it catchy and likable!

If you want to make and transform this bumpy and tough ride of marketing easy and trouble-free for you, then successfully complete this first step of making great landing pages.

This is the starting point where you can gradually increase your traffic line. And if you get success in this step, then rest of your journey will become smooth.

Step 2

In the next step, give something valuable or give a little glimpse of the front-end offer to your potential customers.

Most importantly, when your visitors will see such opportunities, then they may show some positive gesture to buy your products.

Your front-end offers have to engineer in a way that they positively change the mindset of your potential customers.

You need to bring more desire in their minds so that they instantly purchase your services or products.

Come up with an offer that your clients cannot refuse and say no to them! It is only these unique front-end offers that reach to out to more and more people and increase your audience.

Keep on thinking creatively that how you are going to present this offer. Do analyze how this offer benefits you, your customers and your business.

You can give them any kind of discounted offers or even limited offers.

Step 3

Follow the upsell strategy in this step! Like, once a potential customer purchases something from your site, then you can offer an added benefit to them to further satisfy their shopping experience.

Moreover, with this strategy, your customers are going to buy more expensive products next time from your site.

These upsells automatically and instantly lure your customers. This strategy indulges and pushes your clients to stay on your site for longer time.

As an example, you have decided to buy a simple car but the company is offering some other up gradation features as well.

It is just the additional substance that the company is offering to you and you are attracted to that substance.

Step 4

Moving on to the strategy of the downselling option, this approach is going to further help you in making your first online sales funnel success.

This strategy and plan work in a way likewise you motivate your customers to buy something expensive and in this downselling, you are going to offer cheaper options to them.

Furthermore, you have to remain extremely considerate in this approach and keep on giving cheaper options to those customers who experience budget constraints.

Those who get success in upselling, they can easily conquer this downselling approach too.

Once you have understood how to upsize your products, in the same style, you should know how to downsize these products of yours.

Keep in mind that this downselling will not give you any loss. You only give cheaper options and cheaper offers to your clients who face budget limitations and constraints.

By doing so, you can increase the trust level between you and your customers.

Step 5

The last step is to go with the flow process of this online sales funnel creating methodology.

Keep up the pace of your momentum, this is how new customers will come to you and old customers are going to be retained.

In addition, you can start and initiate membership-based reward programs for your audience. This is how you can maintain constant contact with your customers.

This regular communication is going to inform them about your new and latest deals.

You can do regular follow-up with your customers so that you can improve your brand position in the market. Give entertainment to your customers and keep them happy in every possible way.

Do not lose the sight or trace of them no matter they do not shop from your business for 6 months or for a year.

These are the 5 basic steps that give you this comprehensive and the most basic detailing on building a sales funnel from scratch.


Now, you have understood the guide on creating and building an online sales funnel.

So, are you all gear up to follow this guide? It is time to strengthen your business online presence and this is possible if you will follow this suggested sales funnel model.

Rest, it is a potential customer category that plays an important role in increasing your sales. If you are concerned about your new and old customers, then give equal attention to this category as well.

It is on top of the sales funnel that potential customers exist and the bottom section is occupied by established customers.

From this, we mean to stay that the biggest category is allotted to potential customers and the smallest category is assigned to established customers.


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