Children can extract most of the fun out of inflatables. They love to play with the smaller ones, like an inflatable swimming pool or bounce on the larger ones, like the bouncy castles and the inflatable trampolines. However, such strenuous activities also have to be associated with the proper safety of the children. The children are not intelligent enough to understand and maintain their safety level while playing these games. Therefore it is the duty of the manufacturers to ensure that the products are safe for children. Additionally, the parents and the supervisors also have to ensure that these inflatables are safely handled. Some of the tips to ensure safety for children in these inflatables are:

Supervision by an adult responsible for the inflatable

The most important safety concern that is needed to be addressed is to have an adult who knows how to handle the inflatable. The one who knows every aspect of these giant inflatables, how to inflate it, how to deflate it, whether it has any leakage, is there any specific pressure points, and how to maintain safety. You will come across such supervisors standing beside the inflatable in any circus or parties.

The inflatable must be firmly fixed to a surface

Since an inflatable is filled with air, it is highly unstable. Therefore, the supervisor must have it firmly anchored to the ground or any fixed surface. They can also use mooring straps fixed to any solid points on the inflatables. If the inflatable is not placed on soft grounds, then soft mats should be placed surrounding them. A lot of kids are going to jump on them; therefore, the base needs to be very tightly fixed.

Safety measures for children before jumping onto the inflatables

Inflatables are like balloons. They can burst when they come in contact with any sharp objects. Therefore, children must not wear any shoes, heels, or carry sharp objects like buckles, which can burst the inflatable. They should enter the play area bare feet. Moreover, they should not try to jump over the sides or walls of the bouncy castles or trampolines; all the safety of the inflatable is restricted to the area that it covers. They must not carry food, liquid, or have any infectious disease which can get spread to other children. The supervisor must control the number of kids on the inflatables at a time.

Inflatables are fun for the children, but their safety is also a concern. Parents and supervisors must ensure proper safety before, and during the time the children play on the giant inflatables.