We go through many special days in our whole life. Some days are just like a normal day only. But few hold a very close place in our heart and these days are the ones that create an adrenaline rush in our body and push us to do all the preparations for it. One thing that I have noticed a lot among people is that the most liked days are the ones on which they get reconnected to their friends and family through any source of communication.


Among all such days, Christmas days or say the season is loved by the majority. This is a holiday season for people where many festivals are conducted daily. Christmas season lasts from early November to late January. This is a season when people meet their close ones or send greetings to them through letters. Writing Christmas letters is the favorite part of people in the Christmas season. People cherish the times that they have spent this year together with their friends and family in this season. But the question is how to compose a Christmas letter in the best possible manner. A writer or poet can understand better as each one of us knows that the life of a dying poet or writer is spent juggling with words. We are here to give you some tips to write the best Christmas letter. Read about them below.


Start with a bang:

A Christmas letter should always make its reader joyful and make him feel good about the season. You should start the letter with a positive note like “The most awaited time of the year is here in which you get to reconnect with the special people in your life”. Openers like this will fill its reader with joy making him feel good about life and the people in it. A cheerful greeting in a Christmas letter is useful in making the reader cherish the memories that have passed and to look up to the new opportunities in the upcoming year.


Picture the audience in your mind:

All of us keep certain boundaries when we are talking to a formal person. While with friends we talk without any kind of barriers. When writing a Christmas letter make sure you keep the people in mind you are addressing. A formal person that is your colleague or your senior won’t be interested in knowing about the things that your sister achieved this year, while your family and friends would. Keep the main headings the same to save time, but personalize your Christmas letter according to the person you are sending to.


Write Naturally:

Nobody wants to receive a Christmas letter that is full of turgid sentences and has a very stylized tone. You don’t have to use big words or have to portray yourself as some other person while writing a Christmas letter. Christmas letters should always be lighthearted. Be yourself, add some light humor, and write how you feel about the bond with the person you are writing the letter to. Share about the things going on in your life to make them relate to you.


Keep it short:

A letter has always been a unique way of communicating with friends and family. But who likes to read long paragraphs? The majority don’t. You have to contain your excitement while writing a Christmas letter. What I mean here is that do share about your life events but avoid being tempted to fill number of pages having all the major and minor details of the whole year making the letter long and boring. Also, just don’t brag about the happenings in your life.


Include photos:

Photos will add life to your Christmas letter and will help give a clear vision about the things you mentioned in the text regarding the events that took place in the past year of your life. Make sure to not attach whole albums. Try to pick pictures that are either funny or have captured your daily life moments. Pictures of the trips you have gone to, the new pet you bought, and of other mesmerizing events should be selected specifically to be included in your Christmas letter.

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Conclude it with a hopeful note:

Hope is the kind of emotion that we look for everywhere then why not in a letter that is sent on a very special time that is Christmas. This is a time when you reconnect with your people and it is very important to send them best wishes that are full of hope. When you are done with your exciting stories of the year and including the best-picked photos you have to end the letter very humbly and on a hopeful note. You can conclude it like “Sending you lots of love and prayers this holiday season” or “May we get to see many more Christmas like this”.


You should follow these tips if you want to write the best Christmas letters. You can add as much creativity in your card as you want to. You can put the letters in the Christmas boxes that you have prepared.


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