So I have recently started living alone (I mean I have flatmates but I no longer live with my family because of work) and the one thing I have most trouble existing with is food. There are other food delivery apps that can come to your rescue when the daily hostel meal doesn’t suffice anymore. Or even when you feel too tired to cook something up. And there is something for everyone from the health freak to the foodies.


Play Store Rating – 4.0

Swiggy is one of the most popular online food delivery apps. The reason behind is simple, good customer service and a large number of options of restaurants to choose from. With its customer-friendly UI Swiggy has gained the attention of people from all age gatherings. From simple call to actions, express delivery, order tracking status and the reality of no-contact delivery, has made it a massive hit among millennials. It even has a new recipe section where you can find some interesting recipes to try for yourself.


Play Store Rating – 4.0

You say Fasoos and I am reminded of those cheesy rolls and affordable meals they deliver. I am very partial towards rolls and sandwiches so that makes Fasoos my bae. They have very limited options but the rolls are definitely worth a try. It is available in all metropolitan cities and other urban cities as well.

Cure Fit

Play Store Rating – 4.4

This one is for all you health freaks out there. Curefit is India’s most popular fitness group. It provides many scrumptious meal options that are healthy too. You can clearly see the nutrition properties of the meal you want to order. FYI their meal bowl is a must-try.  There are tons of other things to do as well as working out to burn those extra calories. Even if you don’t want to order from this app or it is not available in your city I would still suggest you try the app for its various other workouts uses. There are tons of work out and health instructors but they come with a price.

Uber Eats

Play Store Rating – 4.0

Uber has been making the life of Urban citizens easier for quite some time now. The cab giant launched their food delivery service UberEats in 2014. Ordering food in UberEats is as simple as a doodle with just three steps – Choose, Order and Track. Not to mention, UberEats with live tracking also supports multiple payment options to its users. My experience with uber has been positive as they are always on time. Cold Biryani doesn’t cut the deal now, does it? Uber Eats has a lot of options for you to choose from.


Play Store Rating – 4.0

Zomato is another known name in the food delivery industry of India. The best thing about Zomato is there reach. My home town is quite a small town. We got our first dominos in 2017 and we still have Zomato there.  Actually it is the only food delivery service we have with the exception of Dominos. Zomato also has the largest collection of restaurants in its app. A very good platform for all you foodies out there. Zomato’s offers and discount so that you keep coming back. The app gives us a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. Features like multiple payment options, COD conveniently allows users to order from the comfort of their home. The one thing I do not like about it was its customer service, maybe it is just my experience. Let me know if you feel it too.


Play Store Rating – 4.0

Calling Dunzo a food delivery app will be a lie. Even before the pandemic hit and food delivery apps rushed into grocery delivering business, Dunzo was doing it. The app also allowed its users to order things from their own homes to other places. Forgot something you need at home just let the Dunzo partner deliver it to you. You name it, and dunzo has it. Dunzo is the personal handyman you never had. But I love it for good customer service. Dunzo is a fairly new player but it has made a name for itself. I would love it if Dunzo could increase its reach to more cities in New Zealand.

While talking about these amazing apps that connect us to restaurants I am also reminded of a great app that has been helping me connect with my loved ones. In the same veins of connection, there is another eye-catcher Malayalam regional keyboard app, Malayalam Keyboard App that connects us to our dear ones in our very own beloved Malayalam language. It is arguably the best Malayalam language keyboard app out there. The app gives you a creamy typing experience, either by transliterating English to Malayalam or switching over your content into Malayalam by typing in the Malayalam keyboard. The app also offers an endless library of free & funny regional comic stories with your headshot on it.


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