Do you have a variety of false eyelashes sets that you want to display dazzlingly for the shoppers? Thinking how to sell more using bundled up items? Enthralling packaging featuring the get that party, smoky, casual and other looks’ cosmetics would pique the interest of makeup lovers. Beguiling boxes flaunting the mink, silk, corner and other falsies along with the eye shadows, mini mascaras and lash curlers would compel the customers into knowing the price of the kits. You can make the most of packaging for pitching the collection as super savers convincing the consumers that they shouldn’t miss out the offers.

You can have the eyelash box online customized according to the product range. Utilize the space on packaging for telling the lash veterans about the kind and quality of items. If for instance, the sable eyelashes are pricey when sold individually, you can mention how much a shopper can save up on buying the set. Packaging can be astutely used for creating value for the offerings and making them worth purchasing. Seek the expertise of a skilled and knowledgeable printing provider for getting the boxes custom made. Don’t rely on an amateur vendor, even if you have a limited budget look out for a printer that can provide you worthwhile packaging solutions.

Talk out your concerns and requirements in detail with the custom box manufacturer. We have some tips on printing packaging for “get that look” lashes sets!

Use a Glitzy and Glamorous Artwork for the Boxes

Packaging design can make a first likable impression for your bundled offers. Suggest the graphics team to use colorful illustrations and funky font for the artwork. Boxes for different looks that can be accomplished with strip, flare and other lashes should have relevant and riveting images and text details. Name each set uniquely and have these printed prominently on the packaging.

Festive and Decorative Eyelash Boxes

For Valentine’s, New Year’s, Easter and other festive lash kits, you can have themed packaging printed. For love day boxes you can get cupids and heart layout. Use glittery backdrop for the packaging to add decorative appeal to it. Embellished accessories like ribbons, paper butterflies and flowers can be attached to the boxes to promote them as gifts. Packaging should be strong and lasting enough to keep the cosmetic items safe from getting tampered by moisture and shock.

Packaging with Pictorial Tutorial

Instructive boxes would make it easier for the consumers to apply the lashes, eyeshade and mascara for a specific look. Get the pictures printed with brief tips on how the products should be used for getting best results. If there are videos available on your youtube channel, share the link on the packaging. Boxes should be spacious with inserts to provide protection to the makeup items. Tell your eyelash box manufacturer in USA to show you a sample before getting the order processed. This will enable you to tweak to color or text before it is too late.

Finishing options you can consider include foil stamping, UV coating, embossing, raised ink and glossy/matte lamination. You can choose a combo that enhances the finesse of packaging and help you with branding better.

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