Private Plate

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) issues number plates to vehicles on behalf of members of the public or businesses in the UK. When issuing personal or private car number plates the DVLA checks the combination of letters and numbers to prevent offensive names or expressions being displayed on vehicles.

Regarded as a statement of individuality and in many cases representing an investment for the future, personalised car number plates are increasingly popular around the world. However, finding the ideal plate can prove to be challenging.

Here are a few tips to find the desired car number plate without overspending on your budget.

Ensure You Stick to Your Budget

There are number plates that suit different budgets. If you have a budget, ensure you stick to it rigidly. You may need to make a compromise on the style of the plate but you will find something within your price range without too much difficulty.

Never Ignore Fees

When determining your budget, don’t forget the additional fees. Avoid spending the whole of your budget on the base price of the number plate. You will need to pay the assignment fee as well as nominee name fees charged by DVLA across all license plates. You will also find that some are subject to taxes (VAT) whereas some are not and you need to consider these additional fees.

Avoid Limiting Options

If you have only one personalised plate in mind, you may be disappointed. The person that has an entitlement to a number plate has an option to keep the plate as long as they want providing it assigned to a vehicle in their name or held on retention (V778) in their name. If you have focussed on only one number plate, you will need to give consideration to the timescales for the number to be made available in the market place. There are always alternatives, as for example KFB 1 has a sister number plate in the form of 1 KFB and so on……

Pick the Right Style

Pick up a format that fits your style or the personality of your car. Whilst searching for personalised number plates, make sure that you opt for something you will still enjoy in years to come.

Now let us have a look at the options for purchasing a car number plate both easily and safely. You will need to recognise that there are several challenges to overcome in finding your desired number plate. By observing recommended strategies you can make the task much easier.

Don’t Pay Too Much Attention to Private Adverts and Auctions

Most people think that purchasing from a private seller is one of the best ways to get a personalised car number plate at a cost-effective rate. This is far from being the case. Most of the private sellers overvalue their own private number plates, and hence you can pay much more than the real market value. Occasionally, you may secure a good deal but this is not the norm.

You may be able to take part in DVLA auctions but unless you know how much to spend and how to make sure you don’t get carried away in bidding for a number plate it can be a very expensive option.

Purchase through Dealers

To ensure the best value for money, check out options across the registration dealers (Brokers) offering private plates for sale. The dealers will provide you with several options and you will be able to make choices with the professional advice provided by the dealers. This makes it easier to choose your desired plate in the knowledge that you have been given all the information you need to make an informed decision. Even if your ideal plate is not available, you will receive suggestions on alternatives that will make it more time-efficient to find your desired car number plate.

The internet has made searching and buying car number plates efficient and safe. Ensure you undertake online research to find the dealer of your choice. Dealers with decades of experience in the market place are a safe bet.

Be Creative

Different options are available when it comes to finding a car number plate. Be innovative when choosing it and don’t rule out options because you are unfamiliar with the registration formats. There are several people who want their first name or surname name on the plate or even the name of their pet on the plate. Think about all the options that are of interest to you whilst factoring in their cost based on the prices you can see for the plates of interest.

Let’s take a look at some surprising facts about car number plates.

  • 1 is the most expensive number for a private number plate
  • DVLA has raised £1.8bn since 1989 by creating and selling private number plates
  • You need not have a vehicle of your own to be the owner of a personalised car number plate
  • The use of private number plates as an investment is increasing in popularity
  • Car number plates were first introduced in the UK in 1903 with ‘A1’ being the first issued
  • There are 6 primary number plate formats in the UK

You need not be a millionaire to be the owner of a personalised car number plate. There was a time when owning a cherished number was considered to be only for the rich and the famous. Since the late 1980’s and early 1990’s this has no longer been the case. The market has changed significantly since then, with number plates now being more readily available to members of the public. If you are keen to purchase a private plate then you can take on board the above-highlighted strategies with the aim of securing your ideal number at the right price.