Using a scope with long-range shooting gives you a thrilling feel. You get amazing feels when you aim the target in the long-range. You will surely get addicted to it when you become an expert.

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In this article, we will give you step by step guide on how to use a scope with a pistol. Let’s first talk about what is the longest-range scope.

What is the longest-range scope?

When the standard sight gets ineffective the long-range starts to work. The longest range is 300 yards and you need a long-range scope to shoot in this range.

The scope has the power of 10x magnification, BDC reticle, optics with parallax focus, and turret adjustments. For a handheld weapon, a 500-1000 yards shooting is extreme. But you get an accurate shooting with the help of the longest-range scope.

A long shot is difficult with a 10/22 riffle but it gets easy with .308 rifles.

How to use a scope

To hit a target at 1000 yards, you need to increase the shooting ability of a rifle. The first thing is to sharpen your skills with a good scope with a rifle.

If you use a scope properly you will get amazing results. Here are the steps to use a scope with a shotgun.

Step 1

A proper scope is required when you start to target in a long-range. You have to consider some important factors when you need a scope for hunting. These important factors will surely make your shooting experience perfect and memorable.

Step 2

Especially for long-range shooting, while using the scope, mounting is very important. You will miss the shot while shooting due to the slightest misalignment. Keep the level of the rifle with the scope. Also, align the vertical middle line with the vertical crosshair.

Step 3

You have to do zeroing scope in the long-range shooting. Because, while shooting even a small error can cause a big problem. For zeroing the long-range scopes the three-shot is a proper system to use. At the same time, you can use the scope, ammunition, rifle, and power.

Step 4

You can comfortably use the scope with the help of a lens coating. Lens coating cover makes your image view clear by brightening it.

Step 5

The length of a light transmission depends upon the size of the objective lens. The more light transmission is allowed when the lens gets a larger size. To make your hunting accurate this makes your images brighter and vibrant.

But the problem occurs with the lens size. The weight of the lens also increases as the lens size increase. So to use a medium-size lens you have to put the rifle in a comfortable angle and a proper position.

Step 6

Before doing the shooting, you repeatedly have to zero the scope. It will ensure the reliability of the scope that you use with the rifle. To keep a rifle in a fixed position using a tripod stand or bench. After fixing the position, zero the scope adjustments to shoot.

Repeat the zeroing process for some time. You have to make sure that two shots must land in the same hole.


Before you know about how to use a scope it is better to select the required scope first. There are many pistol scopes available in the market at an affordable price that you can use. But you have to select the one that suits your rifle.

Scope works best when it perfectly fits with the rifle. It is used to produce better results, especially it makes the view clear in the field. So that you can easily aim your target. Also, there are some easy steps to use a scope with a rifle that you can follow with ease.

Once you know how to use a scope you will enjoy every shooting experience with it.