Even a subject as complex as hacking has evolved into two different forms. There’s ethical hacking where people try to learn about evil hackers’ plots and sabotage their plans.

You’re already familiar with the other type of hackers. This technique is a major cause of losses for companies worldwide. 

The major reason for these losses is that anything digital is a potential target for hackers. It means that one can hack a cab service’s internet protocols and even data. Hackers can make significant changes to the coding of any program of that company. In such cases, the situation can turn very critical as it can cause mass confusion and even unthinkable damage. Therefore, companies tend to develop a strong internet security plan before releasing their product in the market to fend off any cyber-attacks. 

Nowadays, hacking has become a big part of the gaming world. Hackers have been preying on gamers and causing great damage to the developers and the community. Even as companies strengthen their defenses as much as possible, hackers make new developments every day to get inside these companies’ servers. Here are some main reasons for their activities. 

  1. Deep Web Issues

Recently, many major companies have been facing threats of a cyber attack from various hackers. While they may try to cover up the news like the Town of Salem breach, it doesn’t remain hidden for long. Companies like Ubisoft, Capcom, and Crytek recently faced a severe attack from hackers. 

The main purpose of this action is to get information. It can be of any sort. Hackers can steal the consumers’ information or even hold the site for ransom in exchange for the company’s source code for any games that they want. It means that there is an even bigger plot hidden behind these motives. 

There are several possibilities behind every purpose of this heist. It could be a hacker trying to sell data on the dark web for money. He might even be retrieving the data for somebody in exchange for money or any other thing. In either case, the issue is quite dangerous, and companies need to make room for penetration tests on their websites and servers from time to time. 

  1. Property Theft

While hacking to make other people mad remains one of the biggest small-scale hacking, there are other methods and reasons for hacking games as well. At most times, it involves games that offer virtual goods for real-life currency. Many online gaming giants like Electronic Arts, Valve offer many games with lots of items that have huge value in terms of real money. 

As a result of their value, players who own such items have a very high chance of getting their accounts hacked. The bigger the game’s community, the higher the risk of accounts getting hacked. Every day, countless accounts are hacked for this reason. People’s items that they bought from their money are stolen within seconds. 

The method is quite easy for these hackers to gain access to these accounts. One of the easiest methods is through providing any item which may tempt their target. As soon as their target clicks on the link, the hacker gains access to their account. He can even get hold of the player’s personal information and credit card information too. In such cases, hackers may even make purchases that the user may not even know about and would recognize the event later. 

This property theft is one of the major issues faced by online gaming corporations. The number of accounts stolen and property thefts daily are massive. There are numerous reports on every gaming forum of a hacking incident taking place every day. As a result, many parents believe that these companies should remove such items from every game; because it imposes a question on the gaming company’s security and the vulnerability of an ordinary computer. 

  1. Trolling Other Players

These are small scale hackers. They’re more involved with cheating in games rather than causing damage elsewhere. They’re mostly involved with games that involve shooting and strategy. By using multiple software and even codes, these cheaters gain an advantage over their enemy. However, they can be detected and banned from a game if it has a good cheat detecting software. 

Hacking in games is now a major problem. Even though it is not as dangerous as property theft, it still poses a big question on the game’s integrity and the company overall. This trend has seen a major rise in the curve after online games became mainstream. When games were multiplayer through split-screens, skill and luck were the main requirements for winning a game. Now, every online game seems like a struggle against a swarm of hackers. 

Often, players will use cheats to troll the enemy team and cause them to rage, giving the cheater the time of his life. On the other hand, he is causing pain to someone without even realizing it. And that’s one problem the community will have to deal with it on its own. 

Whatever the purpose may be, hacking is wrong on many levels, and ethical hackers need to unite against this evil. Millions of people trust the internet as their haven of information, and these hackers prove their ideas wrong. That’s why a complete seizure of their activities is necessary.

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