Getting inked exhilarates most individuals – they cannot wait to show off their new tattoo.

It is, however, necessary to remember that tattooing means wounding the skin. Just like other wounds, the fresh tattoo must heal properly, or else it might become a cause of infection.

Improper aftercare paves the way for innumerable problems. The design may distort, and its colours may fade. Some people admitted having an unappealing scar besides becoming prone to health issues.

It is essential to adhere to the instructions specified by an artist. Now contrary to popular belief, the best artists do not recommend petroleum jelly or Vaseline. Learn how this common item does more harm than good.

Vaseline: Good for Dry Skin, Bad for Tattoos

Petroleum jelly, known to common people by its brand name – Vaseline, works by retaining skin’s moisture. It is useful for extremely dry skin.

The experts working for the best tattoo shops in the world said Vaseline is not really an ideal option for body arts. This is because moisture retention can prevent the inked skin from getting air. Air, after all, speeds up healing.

You may become subject to infections by using Vaseline. Symptoms of infected tattoos are swelling, pain, redness, itching, and pus discharge.

Infected tattoos need prompt treatment, primarily via topical antibiotics. They prevent the infection from reaching the other body parts. Scar tissues may form and ruin your precious piece of art.

When Is It Fine to Use Vaseline on Tattoos?

The first couple of hours after getting tattooed are quite critical. Your artist will advise you to put on bandages for extra protection. After a week or so, you will be able to take showers, but do not submerge the inked area in water.

When the tattoo is bandaged, you may apply Vaseline. However, make sure to talk to the artist first. After the bandage is off, maintain a distance from it. It is fine to use Vaseline on tattoos only if they have healed completely and the skin around is feeling a tad parched.

What to Use for Proper Tattoo Healing?

The people wondering how much are tattoos in the Philippines and other parts of the world must also be attentive about the recovery. If your tattoos would not heal, you have to get them removed, which would cost a lot.

So what can you use on the new tattoos? Several artists recommend a balm called A+D. It is a mixture of lanolin and petrolatum, which keep your skin safe and allow it to repair itself. For the itchiness, you can smear a thin coat of pure aloe vera gel.

Vaseline must not be a part of tattoo aftercare. As mentioned above, it traps harmful bacteria and moisture, which causes allergic reactions and leave behind dark blemishes. You can use Vaseline on old tattoos if the surrounding skin has suddenly become dry.

Always talk to the artist you appointed regarding the concerns you have. If you feel that your tattoo has suddenly become infected, you have to see a dermatologist and go through treatment.