You have heard about China a lot probably – about the outstanding cities, the magnificent trekking locations, the Great Wall, and the ever-expanding economy. But they are not the only things to explore in this vast East Asian nation; there is a wide range of activities you may find if you feeling adventurous. Mentioned below are some that the foreign teachers living as well as working in China do during the weekends. Please check them out now.

  1. Hike or Climb Mountains

The most treasured and oldest temples of China are on the mountains. Most of these mountains are believed to be sacred, and there is no way you will be able to appreciate them than to hike and reach them.

There are several means of transportation available such as a bus, a car, a cable car, etc. However, breaking the sweat to reach the top is sort of rewarding. You will also get the chance to see nature and communicate with locals.

  1. Cycle

If you managed to grab teaching opportunities in China, you must not miss riding a bicycle there. It is, after all, the best way to appreciate as well as experience the nation’s breathtaking beauty.

You can also witness the ancient lifestyle of the people living in the countryside. That’s amazing, right? There are bicycle trips that may be conducted whether you are experienced or a beginner.

  1. Learn Mandarin

Learning Chinese is not just about learning the language but also embracing China’s exclusive history, culture, and archaeology. It will be advantageous to your career as plenty of international businesses prefer to appoint multilingual or bilingual candidates. As the USA and China are the biggest global trading partners, knowing the Chinese would surely open a plethora of employment options down the road.

  1. Try Local Dishes

Chinese cuisine is popular throughout the world since it has lots of variety. Some of the foods may not be completely unknown to you as you surely have tried back in your homeland. But, why not order the authentic chow-mein or kung-pao chicken? Make it an adventure to order dishes that you got absolutely no idea about or that you only read about in online articles.

  1. Explore Ancient China

China, the oldest civilization in the world, is developing at a faster pace, and you will perceive changes occurring right in front of your eyes. There is a substantial amount of knowledge you can acquire from the culture artifacts and primordial sites, and you must do so as soon as possible because, in order to progress, the sites are being modernized.

  1. Learn Tai Chi

You surely will not miss see the old natives practicing martial arts in public squares or parks. You can learn Tai Chi not only to acquire a unique skill but also because Tai Chi is a meditation. It builds strength, improves breathing, triggers blood circulation, etc. Tai Chi’s actual purpose is to advocate virtue and peace.

The aforementioned things are what English teachers in China usually do when they are free. You may get tips or suggestions from your fellow ex-pats. They would have worth-sharing experiences for sure.