builders cleaning services
builders cleaning services

Have you ever come across builders cleaning services or end of lease cleaning in Melbourne that is cheaper and expensive at the same time? Some companies offer the lowest prices on their services while others have high costs. If you ask them the reason they don’t have a clear and concise answer to it, and you are left wondering how come they are super good at cutting down costs.

Our experience says that there is always a hidden cause of why the company offers highly lower prices. In this article, we are going to explain in detail all the facts and reasons behind these cheap costs.

How Do The Company Cut These Corners? 

Suppose you have hired a cheap bond back cleaning service to clean your home. You were in a hurry and did not take enough time to verify the cleaning services they provide and their methods and solutions. At that point, all your focus was to get your house clean and get your bond back. However, you don’t realise that in the long run, it is going to cost you more.

How? The cleaning company comes in with their unqualified cleaning staff and doesn’t possess the necessary tools and skills. After cleaning, you find that some corners of the house are overlooked, and harsh chemicals were used, which are harmful to your kids or pets.

So in the end, you end up spending more time in hospital paying bills and hiring efficient cleaning services. These type of situations happens around us daily. The worst thing about these cleaning services is that the results and effects are not obvious immediately. So it is always best to perform proper research on cleaning services, so you don’t have to face such hassles in the long run. Hire good cleaners in the first place and save on costs.

5 Reasons To Reckon On When Hiring a Cheap End Of Lease Cleaning Services

Cleaners are Underpaid

Workers perform at their best when they are satisfied with what they are paid. If they are underpaid, this surely makes them unhappy, and this leads to performing poor cleaning.

Does Not Provide Insurance Coverage

Accidents are bound to happen; they don’t inform before happening. This is also the case with professional cleaning. If you hire a company that offers cheap prices and does not provide insurance coverage, you are taking a risk by hiring them for the cleaning job.

You might get into legal trouble when such companies perform services that don’t provide necessary insurance coverage. Don’t ever think that it does not concern you at all, in some case you will be asked to pay some costs of the damages. It is better that you avoid such situations.

So before hiring any cleaning company, you need to ask yourself these question before making a final decision:

  1. What is any damage occur, who will pay for it?
  2. Will this company cover all the costs?

These questions can save you a lot of time and money.

No Or Few Customer Feedbacks

When a company does not have any feedback system, then it is always a bad idea to hire them. It would prove beneficial if you always look out for the company that has customer reviews. Such cleaning companies hide suggestions, complaints and customer advice regarding their cheap services.

This also implies that they don’t give utmost importance to customer needs and requirements and only focus on getting monetary profits.

There are several ways to check whether the cleaning company is trying to cut corners in customer relations when they don’t have any proper function phone response system available. Another way is to determine if they even possess any customer response system or anything similar. If this is the case, this might evoke interest in finding out why this low-priced cleaning company don’t have proper contact system. This is enough to show what can happen when you try to reach them in case of emergency.

Lack Of Proper Staff Training

There is a famous saying that goes like a worker is as good as the skills they possess. Everyone, at some point in their life, has cleaning something or someplace. However, that does not make them be qualified to run a cleaning company.

For instance, everyone knows how to cook everyday dishes, but that does not qualify them to be a professional cook, or you can say, Master Chef. You won’t possess expertise in making all types of dishes from around the world.
try it now

The same answer applies to the world of cleaning, trying someone to assist you will get the cleaning job that does not possess skills and training will not give you immaculate results. However, a professional touch will always result in superior cleaning results.

Coverage For Additional Tasks

Professional cleaning services come with some extra perks; even they charge a little extra. You can always rely on them to provide you with additional services like end of lease house cleaning, oven cleaning or carpet cleaning.

So you should always go for professional cleaning instead of being cost-efficient. Another assurance that you need to make is that they don’t use harsh chemicals that are dangerous for your environment.

A professional cleaning company always invest in advance tools and because of this can be a bit expensive. However, they do care about your health and the environment.

Since you read all of our reasons and got to the end of the blog, we’ll give you a bonus reason.

Special Situations

Suppose a situation where you have to get your place cleaned during the holidays, but can seem to hire a cheap company as they are already booked. These companies do not hold any back up plans or replacement to send over.

On the contrary, this rarely happens with professional companies. They always possess a team of staff that are available to provide assistance anytime and anywhere.

So in case you are searching for a professional cleaning company then MS VIC Property is the one to contact.


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