Facebook has thought about profiling its clients’ identities and utilizing the data to target adverts.

A patent documented by the informal organization depicts how identity qualities, including enthusiastic dependability, could be resolved from individuals’ messages and notices.

The firm is as of now involved in a security embarrassment over the utilization of its information by a political consultancy.

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Facebook says it has never utilized the identity test in its items.

The patent, first recorded in 2012, is in the names of Michael Nowak and Dean Eckles.

Mr Nowak has worked for Facebook for a long time, while Prof Eckles now educates at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


The BBC has seen messages from Mr Eckles and other Facebook staff to University of Cambridge clinicians in which they examine examination of information to construe identity qualities, and discuss utilizing such research to enhance the item for clients and publicists.

The political consultancy Cambridge Analytica guaranteed that it utilized a comparable system, known as psychographics, in its work, however it has denied utilizing information sourced from a Facebook identity test in the 2016 US presidential decision.

Facebook’s patent says potential wellsprings of information could incorporate “announcements, notes, messages, posts, remarks, or some other correspondences from which phonetic information might be removed”.

It says the identity qualities could then be put away in a client’s profile and utilized “to choose news stories, commercials, or suggestions of activities displayed to the client”. read more story