Where, oh where, do I begin? There are other posts on this blog about how to begin woodworking, but some people may need project ideas like a wood pen,  rustic rack or custom furniture, to get started. A good way to begin woodworking is to pick one of three easy project ideas, find or draw your own plans, and get the necessary supplies.

Easy Woodworking Projects for Beginners

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The good easy woodworking projects to start with are a bookshelf, birdhouse, or magazine holder. None of these projects requires an expert level of skill but each will teach you basic woodworking techniques that you will develop later. All three also have practical uses.

Different Woodworking Projects

After picking an easy woodworking project, you need to find or create plans for it. I recommend finding prewritten plans from books, magazines, home improvement stores, or online. Some woodworking plans can be found free online and typically include a list of supplies needed as well as step-by-step instructions with text and pictures.

But, with a bookshelf, birdhouse, or magazine holder, you could simply draw your own plans. After sketching and deciding how you want the project to look, you can make more exact drawings, specify the different measurements of the piece, and use that as your guide.

The supplies you choose for your first project are also important. Using only hand tools as a start is a good idea because it allows you to feel closer to the wood than you do with power tools and does not require as much skill as the use of more advanced tools.

Many projects can be completed using only a hammer and chisel. You will also want to choose wood that is easy to work with, such as balsa, pine, or plywood. These are all softwoods and are much easier to manage than hardwoods, making them ideal for the beginner.

Choosing either a bookshelf, birdhouse, or magazine holder as a first project, getting or creating plans for it, and acquiring the needed materials is a good way to start with easy woodworking. If you need someone to give you three choices to get started, there they are.

Getting the Most Suitable Furniture Plans

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Planning is one factor which is very crucial to the success of any activity. Fine woodworking projects are not an exception as they require a high level of planning in order for success to be achieved. So, just before call your woodworking supplies agent, you must try and take some time to read the furniture plans for your home and kitchen appliances for the fine woodworking task ahead.

This is the only way by which you can ensure that you are doing things right. You now know how important planning is. But how exactly can you get the appropriate furniture plans? In other words, how can you know that plan which best suits your fine woodworking project and at the same time is appropriate for you as well? This brief article says it all.

You must strive to get the fine woodworking furniture plans of the best possible quality, notwithstanding the fact that you will have to put many factors into consideration. These factors should not deter you from getting something which is ideal for you. So, after coming across any furniture plans which seem to match your next fine woodworking project, then there are a number of questions you need to ask yourself.

The Important Questions

  • Do I love this design? This should be the foremost question for it’s unwise to waste your time, money and effort on something you do not like.
  • Do I have enough space to suit this design? If you have small space available, then why considering a fine woodworking plan meant for larger spaces?
  • Would I finish this design before the allocated time? Some fine woodworking plans are very complicated and need a lot of time. If you have a shorter time than needed for the project, do not choose such a plan as you will do things in haste and get poor results.
  • Can I afford this? Your pocket should also be considered. So, you should not consider any fine woodworking plan that falls beyond your financial capability.

By getting yourself sincere answers to these questions, you will be able to lay your hands on the most suitable fine woodworking plan. This done, call unto your woodworking supplies agent and start work!