Almost every professional degree from UK universities requires monthly and semester projects. These semester projects mostly include writing an essay on particular subject and topic. However, due to improper knowledge and lack of research capabilities, most outsider students fail these tests. Having a look at 5000 essays written by foreign students, Research Prospect found 5 major mistakes most of the students make while academic essay writing task. Not all of these points are very hard to implement in your writing and doing a little effort can make anyone a superstar at the campus.

The major problems seen are while writing essays, students leave the right patch and often get distracted due to a little conceptual change. Also, thesis, essay or dissertation writing should not be taken lightly as it is a major part of your coursework or degree requirement.  Here are the countermeasures for the 5 common mistakes students commit.

Give most time and effort to topic selection:

This is the actual launch pad or runway for your takeoff. The effort made here would determine how high you would be able to fly. To better serve the purpose of getting good grades, select a topic or title of the essay, assignment or dissertation that best suits your interests. Here’s why it is important to select a topic that matches your interests.

Most of the time students make a mistake in choosing the title of their essay under some influence. While they actually did not like the topic, after sometimes they usually get bored and lose interest, a common death sentence for most students.

Getting the topic approved:

After successfully figuring out the topic of essay assignment, the next step is to get it approved by a supervisor. A supervisor is a technical member of university alumni who are expert at a particular subject. Students need to satisfy the supervisor on their desired topic of research. Mostly choosing the right subject with a futuristic approach and potential industry relevance would get it approved. Following your interest is also a good practice because you can express easily a topic you like.

Plan ahead make a proper timeline for all tasks:

Academic essay writing cannot just start randomly rather you need to have a proper plan from start to the absolute ending. Most of the time students fail to submit their assignments on time mere due to lacking a proper timeline. Plan ahead for every step or task that needs to be done while getting done with your tasks. Following this absolute plan will not let you skip or forget any important point or research key.

You should also come up with a complete timetable for all the tasks and the assignment as a whole. Not doing so would trigger skipping any important deadline.

Research before actually starting to write:

Writing essays should not be mixed with writing a simple blog post. Rather, it should be dealt at the highest level of professionalism. Because students need to reach a proper conclusion, writing an academic essay or assignment should not be mixed with report writing or any other. Collecting information prior to writing and storing accordingly with suitable name folders, makes it just more accessible at the time of need. Also, this technique would help in writing flawlessly.

Proper referencing:

This is the most common mistake foreigner and native students make while writing coursework assignment for UK universities. Obviously, you are going to come across a plethora of study material and need to reference some in your copy. Most UK educational institutes follow Harvard Referencing, but it is wise to get your supervisor’s viewpoint on this.

Need a help, go for professional academic essay writing services:

A common cause of failure is most foreigner students have not enough time as they need to work to meet their educational expenses. Not completing in time is also a major stress student go through. However, this problem can be easily solved hiring some professional academic essay writing help. These services will proofread, edit, omit mistakes and sometimes write a whole essay for you.


Assignments and essays are the major part of any degree and should not be taken lightly. Foreign students are often seen failing to attempt these tasks. Following these tips would help most of the students to get it done. However, still, if you got no time, professional essay writing companies would make it just possible for you.