The American reporter said that lower workers, who are in bondage with slavery, can leave behind slavery as “like a choice.”

The new album of West, G., is called me to call you on the opening track.

Contains the lyrics: “Today I killed you, killed you, already killed / I consider myself killing / and I, I love myself more.”

Asked whether his ideas were right, New York Times was revealed: “Well, yes, I have killed myself every time myself.”

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“It’s always an alternative. As soon as Louise C is called, I spread through the manual. I measure all selections.”

He added: “I thought of everything. However, in this incident I did not understand everything, at this time the fact that it is more likely.”

The west was proclaimed about the slavery in meeting with the Big News News Website TMZ.

“When you hear about slavery for 400 years … for 400 years? It sounds like a choice.”

After its appearance, his “biological level was low”, he explained.

“I called a specific family and asked, you know, ‘Did Kim think after leaving TMZ?’ So it was a real conversation. “

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He showed on TV that after coming back, he talked about slavery with Ghulam slavery.

He said: “I learned such a degree. I learned about the idea of ​​Ghulam Ghulam. I did not take him in this unique situation,” the West told the newspaper “by asking him The first “slavery never said” choice “.

The West explained: “I said the idea of ​​a 400-year-old thought – I like – I like.

“I never said that this is a choice. I never said slavery – as chains were shocked – there was a choice.”

The West talked about the help of the Donald Tump, and said that the big names called “terrible” that they prefer the president.

He said “I enjoyed them, and I’m not afraid what I like.”

He also influenced Hillary Clinton in the presidential decree of the 2016. “It’s like a regular wedding or something,” he said.

“And I’m the same, this is not the same that I want to get married. I do not feel it.

“I was living inside the universe, which was created by a crowd, and I lost my identity, so on the point I was in depressing place.