Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has joined the club of the highest serving global leaders on Twitter, with which seven passengers are passing with 8 million followers.

With the presence of the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) head of the PTI, it is popular for most non-popular tweets among the users of social media online, and now the main selection on ‘Top 10 Top World Leaders’ on Twitter. Got a position. With number 8.17 million followers in number 7, in front of the most valued Canadian head Justin Toddoouu, who has 4.26 million users after his official handle.

The former cricketer, who is often called as ‘Khan Khan’ to hack the virtual world, after taking the oath as a new Prime Minister on August 14, 2018, is a high level forward Increase.

This list is over by the President of the United States Donald Tampamp, who uses 53.4 million users after their formal and often controversial titles.