More than 400 people have said that after eating oh choupal, they are ill, who think of a disease disease center, according to a website that tracks food diseases.

According to Patrick Quad, website founder, 228 reports have been made according to the website’s accessible document. On Friday, 418 customers have got sick after eating poultry, ohio, chips. The restaurant’s address is 9733 Carmel Pkwy.

According to the Business Internal Article, according to the article of Business Internal on Monday, the website has added that Chopal has stopped the restaurant during the restaurant that has become sick due to the customer’s health. Allows site users to report themselves to suspected food diseases. Chips share increased by more than 3% on Monday Monday.

The local health department is investigating the spread of potential disease as the general health district of the dealer. According to Tracy Vatican, a spokesman for the General Health District, the agency said on Thursday that it has received 518 inquiries, including 95 emails and 423 calls.

“The Health District Food Inspector Team inspected afternoon this afternoon,” Whiteker told Business Inner in an email Tuesday. “After convenience, according to the food conservation procedure, the inspection team did not get any reason for re-opening facilities.”

33 stolen sample cuts were presented to people on Tuesday, which were reported to be illicit, he said.

Chapattili closed Paris restaurant during reports of customer and employee diseases.

“We are very serious about all food safety claims and we are currently seeing some of the illness reports in our Pavlov, Ohio, restaurant,” Spokal spokesman Lori Shollo told the two-day businessman. “We do not know about the issues of any confirmed food disease, and we are cooperating with the local health sector.”

The Delaware General Health District said that it has reported a disease with seven customers on Sunday and Monday. In response, health officials arrived at the Chopot restaurant on Monday for an inspection and closed the restaurant.

Health officials then discussed the complaints of the disease with the company and found that Chopal also defeated four to five diseases from the customers. The report said that it failed to contact the health sector to report the diseases.

Chopell also told the health official that two to five employees expressed illness on Sunday and Monday.

The company said that Chapel closed the Ohio restaurant on Monday and closed on Monday to clear all the exposed foods and single-use equipment. The company plans to reopen the restaurant on Tuesday.