Talking about his war with American tolerance, Demi Lovato, on Sunday, said, “To focus on his identity and to focus on his credibility,” the media reports Accordingly, he has been taken to a Los Angeles Hospital, a anti-earthquake.

“I am always transparent about my addictive trip,” wrote 25-year-old Grammy-nominated recording artist Instagram.

“I have learned that this disease is not something that disappears or flows from time to time. It is something that will not control me and continue to continue.”

Lovely, who has openly talked about the history of the drug and alcohol misconduct, thanked God, his friends and his fans that they say that their positive thoughts and prayers ” Hard time“.

He also thanked his family, team and staff at Hollywood’s Sender-Sennie Hospital, which he said he had since since July 24. “Without them I do not want to write this letter to you all.” Lovato wrote.

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“Now I need to focus on the healing and path of my reputation and restoration.” “Whoever has shown everything to you will never forget and I look forward to seeing that I will get out of each other. I’m fighting.”

The reports emerged that the newborn was born from the New Mexico-based Puerto Hospital, weapons pyramid-pediatrician has launched Twitter and celebrities along with Ariana Grand, Cardiac B. and Nick Jones.

New Mexico producer plays a famous role on Disney Channel. “Pop Career” and “Sadly sorry.” Like “Camp Rock” and “Listen With A Chance” before forgetting pop carriers.

In the 2017 YouTube documentary, “Simple Trouble,” Laura spoke of corrupt, eating disorders and eating habits used in many years, saying she was starting using the cocaine first 17 years ago. .

He re-settled and evaluated at the age of 18.