Gone are the days when one used letters or paper and pen to communicate with others. Technology has made communication very easy and fast. As a matter of fact communication has become instant with the use of mobile phone. One of the most used and loved features is that of sending messages on the mobile phone. All of this did come at a price but the scenario has undergone a change.

Mobile phone’s message sending and receiving facility is used by one and all these days. It is user friendly and lets one connect by pressing just a single send button. This particular facility is not just used for personal use anymore. In fact many organization and organised groups are taking advantage of the facility to the maximum for the purpose of communication with vendors, potential customers, partners, employees and others. All of this is done at a very nominal price. This is because of send free sms api.

This application allows one to send the same message to many people at one go. There are many api to send sms free. However the group must be created. This particular application has made it possible for people to send festive greetings to their loved ones in less than minute rather than typing individual messages for each one separately. It saves time and a great deal of effort. People also use it to send invitations for functions. Companies use this to create awareness for their new products and schemes. This is widely used by small and mid scale companies.

One can avail this facility by purchasing the bulk sms pack. It may include hundred or more message to be sent per day. The pack is available for certain number of days and can be bought from any dealer. The corporate package includes more number of messages and the pricing is different as well.

These days even government organisations use the bulk message facility for communicating important messages to the citizens. Banks have started using it on a regular basis to inform people regarding the safety measures. Police use it during tense situations to inform people regarding the present situation. Many retail chains send bulk messages to the customers informing them about the sale, new discounted process, availability of lasts stocks and so on. Many cellular operators send messages to the customers regarding latest talk time schemes and data packages. Real estate companies use it to let people know of their latest projects, schemes on interests and special offers. Hotel chains inform people about the new cuisines and discounts available. This particular application is used by all sectors as the outreach is far and wide.

There are many uses of this particular facility. One must use it to the maximum advantage as it is convenient, easily available and cost effective. This particular application has made the connecting with people very simple. All that is required is database of phone numbers of potential receivers.