What Do I Need to know About Mexican Auto Insurance?


10.6 million, this is the total number of individuals traveled to Mexico from January this year to March this year. With that big number of Americans driving to Mexico, still many Americans are unaware of the fact that American car insurance is not valid in Mexico. Whether it’s a rental car or it is your own, you will have to purchase the best Mexican auto insurance. If you are planning a car trip to our neighbour, we’ve got a guide for you. Here is what you need to know.

Why Mexican auto insurance is required?

Your American auto insurance policies are invalid in Mexico. Your auto insurance is not recognized there. You cannot file a claim if you are involved in a road accident. A road accident without Mexican auto insurance is likely to lead to an arrest. The authority will also impound your vehicle. Apart from paying for the damage, discussion going on in Spanish is another trouble you will have to deal with. Everything will be throwing a spanner in your well-planned vacation. The fun you were expecting is already over.

If you do not want anything disturbing your vacation, find one of the best Mexican auto insurance companies, compare the cost of Mexican auto insurance and an get auto insurance. It is very affordable and easy to avoid these consequences.

Buying the best Mexican auto insurance

You can very easily purchase auto insurance online. Apart from Mexican auto insurance AAA, there are several other insurers that can help you. These insurers are specialized in international vehicle insurance in Mexico. You can also purchase car insurance at the border but it is a costly deal. Following is the information you need to provide while purchasing the best Mexican auto insurance:

  • Car type
  • Car’s value
  • Limits you want
  • Duration of stay
  • Age of driver
  • Towing
  • Where you are driving

Here is what the best Mexican car insurance covers:

  • Uninsured motorist insurance
  • Lump-sum liability limit
  • First-party medical insurance

Other options available to you include roadside assistance, rental car insurance and even plane tickets are covered sometimes.

Mexican auto insurance requirements

You need to have a Mexican auto insurance in order to drive in the country. Driving without an insurance is illegal. In addition to this, you need to be aware of the laws of the state. In case you get into an accident, the other party is injured or killed, the maximum amount you will be paying depends on the laws of the state. So, learn about the laws of the state as this will impact the car insurance.

Filing a claim

The company will handle the claim if you are involved in an accident. You can purchase a policy online or you can also get one through an agent. The insurer will provide you with some contact numbers. You need to make a call in case of an accident. An adjuster will arrive and assess the situation. You are required to file a police report.

Mexico Car rental Insurance

Whether you are driving a rental car to Mexico or you are planning to rent a car in Mexico, you need to purchase the best Mexican auto insurance in order to satisfy the Mexican laws.