Despite bear bearings throughout the year, prices of large cryptocurrencies have decreased by 70 to 80 percent, demand for block-makers is still high in more time.

According to Mahul Patel, CEO of the San Francisco recruitment company, San Francisco received a significant increase in demand for blocks in many years last year. Software engineers are already less, and those who are well-versed in Croatrockic Sector, are far less.

“There is a ton for blocks. Software engineers are in very short supply, but it is too intense and that’s why the salary is too high.”

Interview request every day

CNBC-based software engineer, Dustin Weldon, currently working as a Global Engineer, has said that immediately after changing the title of his work in the principal blockchain engineer from the software engineer, he has both of the blockchain sector Beginning to get initially and interview requests start on a daily basis.

Welden said:

“When my title became Principal Blatchen Engineer, it became too vague.” On LinkedIn, I request to focus every day. ”

For mass consent like IBM, Delite and Microsoft, it is extremely important to make a team capable of exposing the blocks sector to the company at the right time of time.

In order to enter an emerging area in a timely manner, corporations need individual talent to promote their company’s rapid growth in the market.

The appointed CEO Patel emphasized that conspiracy mentions to plan long-term strategy to target the chromptecorous sector have led to increasing demand for distribution laser technical engineers.

There is a mentality here to take a long-term plan of planning. If you are going to build Blachken Technology, you’ll have the capability. ”

Block-chain Engineers are Rare

In early 2013, the initial increase in the coincidence (IOC) market allowed individual developers to make capital to the people within a short period of time to create unusual applications (DAPP) and the Blachen system. What is the point?

Corp. projects have raised millions of dollars from investors in the public crisp crisis exchange market, regardless of non-regulatory barriers applied by major markets such as the US and South Korea.

“I do not know a good Ethernet manufacturer that is not a SMS – a golden rush between developers to learn the coding of money,” which, in the form of aerospace, is worth $ 2 million Government system raised $ 29 million inside.

The vast amount of investment is available to developers in the IOO market, developers have encouraged themselves to create their own bluetooth systems and products instead of being set as a full-time developer with stable patches.

However, due to ANA engineers and specialists salaries, the engineers and experts pay about $ 170,000 every year, tax recruitment companies in tax recruitment companies promote tax engineering analysts Distributed Laser Technology Engineers are expected to join large companies to give up. And decent system.