A racehorse for a good number of years has been a good source of entertainment. There are a lot of people who are involved in preparing horses for a flourishing career. There are a couple of things that one has to perform before and after a race to aid the horse in performing to its highest potential.

Things to Consider Before the Race

Horse trainers are people that have licensefrom the state for training the horses. There are several things which you can do for helping the horse – such as heat and ice therapy. The horse will prosper under a regular feeding and routine schedule. Akin to athletes, the heat and ice therapy will help the horse to ease its pains and aches. Placing the horse’s legs in the ice bath will help with ligament and joint inflammation (swelling and heat). The infrared blankets will help the horse via boosting up the flow of blood in the sore areas and reduce aches.

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These blankets are a form of heat therapy which a trainer uses for soothing soreness. The racehorse will also majorly benefit from a routine. Every day he will be exercised in a way to prepare for an upcoming race. That is a practice you can see almost everywhere including Delaware Park. The grooms feed the horses almost at the same time daily for maintaining the routine. A groom is an individual who looks after the daily needs of a horse.

Things to Consider After the Race

The truth is the work will not be done immediately after race finishes. It is the groom that needs to look after the horse after completion of the race and ensure just everything is normal. After all, you desire your horse to be sound after the race. Soundness means being free from injury as well as having good health overall. Post completion of the race the horse will go back to the barn to get cooled out. “Cooled out” means to walk the horse till its heart rate goes back to normal. When the horse is cooled out, it will return to the stall where it can rest when not racing or exercising. At the time of being cooled out, the horse will have water. Grain and hay, however, should be kept away from the horse and for quite sometime after racing.

Having hay right away after the race will result in choking. Eating grain when still hot from racing may result in a condition known as founder where its hooves will become hot and it will be extremely painful. After the horse returns to the stall, place poultice on its legs. It is a mixture of clay which will quickly recover their legs from the running. The horse after racing will get some time to heal. The moment this phase is over, the preparation will start for the upcoming race.

The bottom line is your horse needs proper care to ensure he gives the right performance on the final day.