Get Replacement Windows Engineered To Stand Up To Colorado

Here in the Denver and Colorado Front Range area, homeowners and business property owners are quite familiar with the “crazy” weather we get this time of year.

Just during this young summer season, our area has been bombarded with hail, heavy rain, and high winds… along with unexpectedly cool nights, and blisteringly hot days when the temperature can reach triple digits.

Sometimes, we get all of these things within the space of a few days.

Our proximity to the mountains, and our “elevated” status as residents of the mile-high area, contribute to summer weather patterns the rest of the country (and, indeed, the rest of the world) would find unfamiliar.

The crazy Colorado weather can damage your property, of course.  Wind and hail can hurt your roof, your siding, and your landscaping.  Radical changes in temperature can make it hard to keep plants alive outside.  Rain is often welcome… but too much can wash away your landscaping.

And, of course, your windows can be damaged by the weather as well.

Locally-Made Replacement Windows Are Crucial

One of the strongest (yet often most overlooked) defenses against the Colorado weather available to property owners is installing the right kind of replacement windows.

In our little corner of the world, it’s crucial to select locally-made vinyl replacement windows, such as the superior products manufactured in Colorado by Amerimax.

Why?  Because Amerimax vinyl windows are specially designed to stand up to the rigors of Colorado, and our “crazy” weather.

Get windows made at sea level – even if the home improvement store is offering a red-hot “bargain” on them – and you’re likely to get windows that warp, crack, or even break as they’re transported from low altitude to your Colorado property… and as the insulating gases between the panes expand and contract.

Not so much of a bargain after all.

But Amerimax manufactures high-quality vinyl replacement windows right here on the Front Range… so the altitude is already “baked in” before the products are loaded onto the truck.

And these great Colorado products also include finishes and coatings that stand up well to the bombardment of UV rays we get here, where we live a mile or more closer to the sun than folks in other parts of the country.

Finally, Amerimax vinyl windows are designed to withstand the radical changes in temperature we get here as a result of our unusual summer weather patterns.  Windows made in other places, where the temperatures don’t change as much (or as frequently), don’t need to be designed for such changes.  And in many cases, they aren’t.

So look for damage to your existing windows.  It might not be easy to spot… but if the frames are discolored, or the view outside looks slightly distorted – or if your utility bills have increased without a logical alternative explanation – it could be time to replace those drafty old windows.

Call a qualified replacement window specialist and learn how you can bring new protection to your property from the crazy Colorado weather – or restore your windows after Mother Nature has had her way with them.  It’s a great investment in lower utility bills and higher property value… and it helps you keep the Colorado weather outside, where it belongs.