Have your employees been working too hard lately? If the answer is yes, they deserve recognition by organizing a party on their behalf. Treat them to a special night by serving great food catered by excellent dining places like the kosher restaurants NYC has and make sure that everyone enjoys the event. Party planning can be quite overwhelming, especially if you lack experience in doing it. However, there is no need to worry because there are several tips that are worth sharing to ensure that the event will turn out to be a success.

Look for an ideal venue

Your venue can be a deal-breaker when planning a party. It is essential to make your guests feel comfortable throughout the event. That is why it is highly discouraged to celebrate it within the four corners of your office building or a local fast food joint. The best thing to do is to look for a beautiful and upscale restaurant and book it in advance. You want your employees to be given the VIP treatment for the night, and it should start by choosing the perfect party venue.

Set the dress code in advance

Employees like to look their best during a company party. When you have finally decided on a theme, it is essential to let everyone know ahead of time. Some of them will need to shop for a new dress or rent a tuxedo. It is not easy to find the perfect outfit for a formal event. People will appreciate it if you inform them about the dress code two weeks beforehand.

If you think that your employees will feel intimidated by attending a formal party, you can make adjustments by making it more casual instead. To find out about their opinion regarding dress codes, you can send out survey forms or ask them personally.

Find out what kind of alcohol you should serve your employees

A party that does not serve alcoholic drinks is a boring event. Aside from socializing, people look forward to drinking some cocktails and beers throughout the party. However, it is still essential to look after their welfare by making sure that everyone drinks in moderation. It is best to assign a couple of your employees who are non-alcohol drinkers to watch out for their colleagues by making sure that everyone stays within their drinking limits.

Arrange transportation

You want to make sure that your employees arrive at the party on time and get home safely. You can get in touch with a local car rental service to transport your people from a certain pick-up point to the venue. They should also take your employees home safe and sound, especially those employees who might have had way too much to drink.

Lastly, do not forget to show all employees your appreciation by keeping them entertained throughout the event. Go ahead and hire a local band that plays great music. Encourage everyone to enjoy this rare special event.