Operating a dealership may be loads of hard work, and the best dealers understand that interacting with your clients is key to attaining them to represent to your lot and grow the possibility they become repetitive purchasers. That is where SMS for automotive dealers comes in since it is the best and most established medium for reaching your clients. If you have your site made on Magento, then Magento SMS integration will be helpful for you.

Apart from it, there are different SMS marketing methods for different streams as well like bulk SMS for schools, SMS marketing for restaurants, etc, which can be used as per business requirements.

Here are a few best tips we have gathered by working with auto dealers so as to enhance revenue using SMS.

Look after recurring tasks

SMS allows you to simply look after recurring chores that can be stalling your outstanding service. You may deliver reminders for listed test drives thus you don’t possess a gap in setting up, in addition to delivering reminders for services and things such as lease regenerations or leasing drop-offs.

Fast interact about recalls

Car recalls are a stern business. When they occur it may be an exasperation to stay in touch with all of those car owners. Emails are hardly ever opened, and whether they are it is not instantaneous enough if there is a security risk, and physically calling all of them takes widespread manpower. Because of 98% read rate, SMS is the best method that auto dealers can fast stay in touch with their clients to ensure clients are conscious of the recall and organize the best time for clients to bring their cars in for servicing.

Market sales effectively

SMS is the best method to get the word out regarding your novel sales and assist you to move overstock fast. SMS allows you to simply message clients who are involved in information regarding novel models or to get interested purchasers to really show up to the assortment and test drive.

Make the most from your service woofs

With SMS you may simply deliver text reminders when clients are due for their subsequent service engagement, and you may further attract them with things such as coupons for oil alternations. Also, there is no better method to keep clients updated regarding their repairs than a message, as mobile calls may be time taking and emails would never be interpreted.

Attain enhanced feedback

Ensuring your clients are pleased with their salesman and their mechanic service is vital. That is where SMS surveys come in since they are the best technique to gather responses as they have a much-increased response rate when compared with email. Even better, as 98% of SMS get opened, that signifies you get far more responses than if you just employed email or paper reviews.

Fling improved auto sales

Auto auctions are increasing in popularity, but the conventional methods of email and newspaper marketing are not good sufficiently. With text messaging, you may simply market your auctions to your clients and feel safe that they are going through your SMS. You may go a step ahead and fix mobile keywords that clients may text in, letting you keep their details based on what type of auction they are involved in. Then, you may deliver an SMS to those clients with applicable reminders based on what auctions they have depicted concern in.

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