People in the know will always tell you that when it comes to gifting you should try to give people gifts that will mean a lot to them. They will advise you to get into the head of the recipient and to try and get them something that will appeal to them. It is the thought that goes into the gift rather than the gift itself. And the thought is not just the fact that you have bought a gift (that is remembering, and it is completely different), the thought is the time and effort that has gone into picking that unique item that works. Given that most people have forgotten what it was like to be a baby buying gifts for baby showers can be difficult. It can almost be impossible to get into the head of a baby and decide what they would like. But there are some universal items that just work. So, if you have a baby shower of a birthday party for a toddler coming up soon, here are a few things that you should consider.


Comfort is king

Babies don’t need much. They like to be warm and they like to be fed and they like to be comfortable. If you can cover one of these needs, then you are on the path to success. You could buy a lovely blanket for the little one’s cot. Or you could buy Sophie the giraffe, the world-famous chew toy that helps babies make it through the process of teething with a minimal amount of discomfort. Or a music box or night light that can sit next to the bed and be a soothing presence in eth dark of the night or when sleep doesn’t come easily. These are all great ideas in the realm of comfort.


Water for the win

Little ones love the water and any gifts that relate to time in eth bath are great. Bubbles or bath crayons are great options. Or toys that can be used in the bath like rubber ducks or boats. The key criteria are that you don’t want items that can be choking hazards – so nothing with parts that can easily break off and be swallowed. But those are generally easy to avoid. And if bath time is a fun time then the whole experience is positive for the parents and the little one.


Reading is important

Statistics show that babies who are read to by their parents grow up to love a book and to be smarter than average. Reading is a great habit to build and children are never too young to receive books. It is less about the subject matter and more about the act of pouring over a book with a parent or loved one that is important to the child. It is about creating a positive experience with a book at the centre of it that will build memories and pathways for the baby. So, look for a book or two. There are books made of plastic for reading in the bath. Books made of cloth. Picture books or activity books. Or good old-fashioned storybooks. There are so many options that it is hard to go too far wrong.