The current years are witnessing the making of many concept vehicles, launched by the leading manufacturers who went ahead of the crowd to create something different. The brand Genesis after bifurcating from Hyundai, to focus solely on redefining in-car luxury, became popular in a very short period of time, because of framing amazing concept cars, among which the GV80 is one.

It is a concept car while being the first SUV model released from the house of Genesis, that plainly aims to take on the already well-established models like BMW X5 and the GLE-class from Mercedes-Benz. The upcoming concept crossover from Genesis is most likely to share its design cues with its sibling G80 sedan series and borrow some of its major underpinnings from the existing products of Genesis, revealed one of the staff members of the Santa Rosa Genesis dealership.

Engine and Powertrain Settings

The upcoming 2020 version of the Genesis mid-size luxury crossover named as the GV80 makes it clear from its name itself that it will echo a major share of attributes from its sibling product G80 sedan series and will offer its users to configure their GV80 model either with rear- or all-wheel drive settings.

The engine choices of the 2020 lineup of the GV80 is most likely to follow the lineup choices of the 2020 G80 lineup. So you will get to choose from three engine options. The lineup of the 2020 Genesis GV80 will start with a 3.8-liter V-6 engine, step up to a 3.3-liter V-6twin-turbocharged engine, and finally reach the epitome of the range with a roaring 5.0-liter V-8 engine. A hybrid variant is known to be joining the current lineup, which is a much awaited option for most of us. But till now Genesis hasn’t opened up with its intention until the 2020 GV80 makes its debut appearance, probably before the year 2019 bids us adieu.

Interior Cabin Comfort and Technology Features

The 2020 edition of Genesis GV80 hasn’t made its appearance yet as the first SUV crossover from this luxury brand, but journalists managed to procure some spy photos of the model so far, at the shades of Genesis factory.

From these sources of leaked information we’ve got to see so far couldn’t give us much clue about  what can we expect to be packed inside the new and upcoming trim models of the 2020 Genesis GV80.

But the snapshots we got to see at the showroom of a famous Genesis dealer near Santa Rosa did make it clear that the GV80 concept car from the house of Genesis will be sporting a posh interior cabin inside the stunningly designed exterior. The cabin might come with a layout designed with dignity, expressed through a premium line f materials. We can expect finely stitched leather seats to support the occupants through the journeys, while an ash wood trim might get assigned to soothe down the nerves with their aesthetic presentation.

Some say that the rear captain’s chair can be replaced by a three-across bench seat and that will be coming as a standard setting. A third row of seats might be added while a bunch of standard and optional features can complete the circle of luxury appointment.