Certain situations require you to travel with your toddler. However, this is insane because toddlers are always playing and crying. Therefore, you will get to your destination feeling tired.

As a result, it is important to have ready solutions to ensure that you travel stress-free.  Keep reading to learn how you can travel with a toddler without too much frustration.

Be Prepared for Spills

Kids cannot stay without drinking. When you give them a drink, you should be prepared for spills as they will play around. Therefore, do not forget to pack a bag dedicated to keeping them dry. The bag should have wipes, towels, extra clothes, and handkerchiefs.

Also, carry a plastic bag where you will be putting all the dirty towels and clothes after you have changed the toddler.

Moreover, stay prepared  in case of vomiting. It is important to have rugs that you can use to mop any mess. Being ready with all these cleaning essentials will save you from traveling on a wet seat.

Do not Forget Snacks

You can get away with forgetting toys, but you cannot travel with a toddler without snacks. A hungry child can scream uncontrollably and that will make you sick. Therefore, it is important to have food standby to ensure that the kid feeds anytime needed.

Hunger is a major problem when you are using public transport. It is irritating for other travelers to travel with a cry baby.

Other than snacks, ensure that you have enough drinks because the kid will feel thirsty after eating. Also, carry food in your lunch box, and ensure that it stays fresh.

Your kid should not be hungry while traveling if you want the journey to be less insane. However, avoid carrying sugary snacks as they will give the toddler sugar rush.  Sugar rush gives kids a lot of energy, so they will jump up and down and make the trip insane.


Keeping your child busy is the best way to make him or her busy. Have an iPad that he or she will be watching funny videos. Download games on your phone to ensure that your kid stays busy. If you have a book that is full of pictures, do not miss packing it. The pictures will keep the toddler entertained, so he or she will not cry when bored.

Also, if you are not driving, take time to play simple games with the kid. Playing will reduce the fatigue that kids experience when they travel for many hours. Pack kid-sized headphones that they will use to listen to music. Keep the volume down!

Carry a few toys that the toddler will play with when bored. Put the toys in a box to avoid losing them because they will also come in handy when you arrive at your destination.



Carry Sleeping Essentials

Sleeping is one of the major things that a child does when traveling. Therefore, it is crucial to carry sleeping essentials that will give the kid quality sleep. The sleeping bag should have a neck pillow, eye masks, and a comforter.

The distance between the neck and the kid’s seat is long. Therefore, when they stretch reaching the seat, their neck will be in pain when they wake up. Avoid this by carrying a neck pillow. Choose a suitable neck pillow that fits the kid.

Kid-sized neck pillows hold the kid’s head in a firm position to avoid falling side to side, which also leads to neck pains. Use a baby car seat for extra comfort.

Toddlers can sleep at any time of the day, but this is because they are always inside the house. When traveling during the day, too much light penetrates the car. Therefore, it can be challenging for the kid to fall asleep. Eye masks ensure total darkness, allowing your kids to sleep peacefully.

If you are traveling at night, carry a comforter to keep the kid warm. Choose a comforter that is heavy enough to keep your kid does not get sick due to cold temperatures. Other than the comforter, carry sweaters and onesies. It is vital also to stay warm to avoid holding the kid with cold hands.

Carry Sanitizers and Diapers

It is essential to carry enough diapers to keep the child comfortable. The plastic bag that you use to put the dirty wipes and towels also use it to keep your diapers. Have enough toilet paper and wipes to keep the child clean.  One diaper per hour of travel is advisable.

Do not forget to carry a hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean. You should have lotion to moisturize the toddler because being dry makes kids uncomfortable.

If your kid is a napkin baby, use diapers when traveling. This is because napkins are stressing to handle in the car.

Smile through the Process

The best tip that you should always keep in mind when traveling with a toddler is smiling through the process. Keeping your composure will help you have a good time without feeling stressed.

When the toddler cries and you are using public transport, write apology letters with smiley faces and pass it to passengers who are close to you. Smile at the passengers after they read the notes.  When the kid is happy, let him or her play with the other passengers and allow him or her to play with other kids.

If you are traveling by air, book seats at the front because they have space where you can install a baby carrier. Also, keep it simple, and do not take it so seriously. When the kid vomits, do not get mad, just understand that it is a normal thing especially when traveling.

Losing temper is one of the things that make traveling with kids insane. Smiling through the process will make it easy.

Do not shy away from traveling with your toddler. It is a hard task, but if you use the above tips, it will be less insane. Use these practical tips to enjoy your trips with kids.