When we think of interior design, the first thing that we imagine are a few designers hard at work under a lamp with their sketch pencils, rulers, and blueprints; only to give you the house you have been dreaming of. However, the world has moved far past this conventional way of interior design. Have you ever had clients that couldn’t quite put into words the interiors they were thinking of? Have you ever created designs that made you proud, but the customers didn’t really feel that they were good enough? This is a common issue that most interior designers face, and therefore we completely understand your dilemma.

However, what if we tell you that we have solutions that would give you an easy way of designing the perfect homes that clients are perfectly comfortable with? The technological advancements across the globe have made almost all industries adopt some form of soft wares that completely transform their processes; similarly, new technologies have completely flipped the situations for the future of interior designing.

Traditional Interior Designing

When we talk about interior design, we can never overlook the traditional methods where it all began. The traditional ways relied heavily on communication between the designer and his clients, but the clients weren’t always able to express their ideas fully. There was space for human errors in conventional methods, assuming that one man couldn’t grasp everyone’s imagination to produce the perfect product.

Interior designers put in exceptional efforts invested extensive amounts of time and the process was often costly. The advising and consulting customers approach became very time consuming, and even though there is still a huge population of designers using this technique, it’s been proved that newer technologically-sound methods are more efficient.

While 2D drawings gave designers the creative liberty, they usually fell short of something or the other trying to make the customer feel comfortable with their designs. Replacing 2D drawings with 3D visual representations of their designs has helped designers create more accurate and favored designs for customers. The VR features have helped customers select the right kind of wood, color, and designs for their dream homes.

AR/VR technologies: Future of Interior Designing

Virtual reality home design has completely reformed the interior designing industry. Amongst the various technological advancements, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have been the defining points in the transformations. VR/AR technology is used to create a 3D environment that can be used to create the visual content tailored according to a customer’s needs.

Putting VR to use for interior design is cultivating astonishing results. Without getting into the hassle of drawing, wording your thoughts, and imagining the perfect room; designers can use VR device visuals to help customers walk through different versions of what their new house may look like. This feature gives them the benefit of making a completely informed decision before making investments in the things they like. The suggested virtual walk-throughs are turning increasingly cost-effective, making access to these technologies easier for a designer to use for both corporate and private clients.

The growing demand for virtual walk-throughs and the constant development in technology is giving way to visuals getting further enhanced; and given the progress, these virtual showrooms might end up replacing actual physical stores, entirely!

What is Planner 5D?

While the industry is making a shift towards virtual solutions for interior designing, there are a number of available soft-wares you can choose from. One of the most extensive visual room designing software is Planner 5D. Planner 5D is a software for home and interior designs used to bring your plans from paper to a 360-degree view with ease. This application was created for both designers that are just starting out, and those who have been working in the industry for long. The application uses interior design virtual reality aspects to create easily navigable layouts that can be used to render high definition projections for clients to see before making purchases. Designers – irrespective of their experience – can easily use Planner 5D to bring their concepts to life, using the various features that it comes with.

Planner 5D: The Features

The Planner 5D comes with a range of features that help a designer pick, make, or browse through the ideal designs according to their customer’s requirements. The first feature that they have is Hi-Definition Visualizations; you can easily use the snapshot option to give you designs a pinch of reality – capturing these snapshots automatically makes colors rich, while also adding shadows to make it look realistic.

Planner 5D offers a choice between 2D and 3D modes so that you can alternate between multiple angles, to edit it the way you want. These modes help you change from one customization to another by closely administrating it.

The software gives you options to create plans from scratch or choose from a lengthy catalog maintained to assist professionals and amateur designers.  In addition, the interface is extremely user-friendly, making designing extremely easy. The multi-language software gives you the option to share your designs with friends, customers, or other platforms to get the feedback you need!

The Planner 5D features a community option, where designers can come together and view each other’s designs to customize, or just get inspired by!

Why use Planner 5D?

There is various software available to choose from when starting to work on interior designs, then why would anyone opt for Planner 5D? Here’s why: Planner 5D brings with it a number of benefits that make it the correct choice for those professionally designing, and even for those who are just beginning to learn.

  1. Cost Saving:

The usual cost of going to interior designers can be too much, making updating the décor of your house an option some might even shy away from; however, using Planner 5D can reduce this cost and give you the same results for your dream house!

  1. General usability:
    Planner 5D isn’t designed for a specific group, it is generally usable by professionals, amateurs and even customers themselves.
  2. Stable Functions:
    Planner 5D and its functions are smooth and stable giving users a very friendly experience with their software.
  3. Availability on Smart Phones:

The Planner 5D software is easily available on your smartphones including, iOS, OS X, and even on Android-based phones.  Making it easy for you to view designs, or create some new ones on the go!