Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  Chances are, you want flawless skin on your wedding day.  Even if your visage is a bit of a mess right now don’t panic, you likely have time to make sure you look like a living filter when you walk down the aisle.  The first step to beautiful skin on your wedding day is to see an esthetician or dermatologist for a customized skincare routine.  After that, just get into the habit of using your skincare items day and night to reveal fresh, glowing skin and treat any areas of concern.

While facials are wonderful and you might need a bit of waxing, please give yourself ample time for the last round of treatments.  Do not do anything that can cause irritation on your wedding day.  Ask a professional what the cutoff time is for specific procedures to avoid any unsightly surprises on your special day.  Chances are your stress levels are already a little elevated and the last thing you want is a cystic pimple erupting.  No matter what skincare products you are using, consider adding a micro derma roller, ferulic acid serum, and pure squalane oil to your beauty routine.

Micro Dermarollers

Even if you have the best skincare products on the market, you will not reap their maximum benefits if they cannot fully sink into your skin.  A popular procedure called microneedling uses hundreds of tiny needles on the face to smooth lines, boost collaged production, treat acne, reduce hyperpigmentation, and create tiny openings in the skin.  Think of these openings as channels to deliver your treatment products deep into the skin.  Thanks to high-quality micro dermarollers on the market, you can experience a miconeedle treatment at home with these simple yet effective accessories.  And no they do not hurt.  A micro dermaroller feels more like a slight prickling sensation since its needles are tiny, even as small as 0.5 millimeters.  The other benefit of using this tool at home is to gauge your tolerance and reaction to the treatment.  Begin using a dermaroller as soon as possible to get your skin used to it and begin deeper absorption of skincare products.

Ferulic Acid Serums

Ferulic acid is a powerful plant-based antioxidant that wards off environmental aggressors while helping to repair previous damage.  While this potent ingredient works beautifully on its own, it becomes a protective powerhouse when teamed up with vitamins C and E.  Ferulic acid enhances the stability of these vitamins and together the three of them amplify their effectiveness.  A good ferulic acid serum is a must for beautiful skin as it brightens and corrects discoloration.

Pure Squalane Oil

Even oily skins can benefit from pure squalene oil.  Unlike synthetic pore cloggers (think mineral oil), this natural hydrator derived from plants actually balances sebum production while locking in essential moisture.  Squalane also layers and blends very well with other skincare products, making it as versatile as it is effective.  This is definitely a product all skins should try out, just do so long before your wedding day in the event you have an unexpected reaction (such as an allergy).