The word therapeutic entails anything that has healing or rejuvenating qualities. A therapeutic mattress is meant to provide therapeutic benefits through relieving back pain or muscle ache. An adjustable therapeutic bed can further relieve pain by proper elevation of the head or legs to unload excess stress. Therapeutic mattress is also considered as one of the best mattress for side sleepers.

These beds and mattresses are meant for the distressed sleeper as also people with recent injuries who have been advised extended rest.

Difference Between Conventional And Therapeutic Mattress

The heaviest parts of your body cause a conventional mattress to create pressure points beneath those parts. This pressure is the pain you feel while sleeping, forcing you to flip sides all night long. The excess pressure cuts off blood supply to the skin and tissue surrounding the pressure points, and thereby the brain signals your body to move around to relieve the pressure.

A Therapeutic Mattress helps cut down on the constant tossing and turning and lets you have a deep, peaceful sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed at the end of it. It effectively removes the pressure points and benefits circulation. Moreover, these mattresses regulate temperature and prevent bedsores too.

Types Of Therapeutic Bed

A therapeutic bed may be made of foam, air, water, gel, etc. Their subcategories are as follows:

  • Foam
  • Low air loss
  • Alternating pressure
  • Lateral rotation
  • Bariatric

Benefits Of Therapeutic Mattresses

1. There’s one for everyone

The wide variety lets you pick the one that fits your needs. Foam is perfect for sleepers who need regular comfort while air loss mattresses help in healing, through the circulation of air within.

2. Prevents Bed Sores

As opposed to spring mattresses, a therapeutic bed mattress contains different foam layers that do not sag. These zones of foam, mold along the curves of the human body, respond to the body’s heat dissipation and stays soft within that zone.

The mattresses which run on air pressure mechanism prevents pressure build upon any single part of the body. This method of alternating the pressure helps regulate the blood circulation better and caters to the healing needs of patients who are prone to developing bedsores.

3. Convenience

The mattress covers are usually waterproof, stain proof, saliva, and incontinence proof. They allow for ventilation, and dust or allergen rarely ever accumulate in such mattress covers.

4. Adjustable Bed Frames

One can opt for adjustable bed frames that caregivers can adjust according to the angle, comfort, and support needed by the patient while sitting up on the bed, during eating, etc. The different forms available include automatic, semi, and manual, a perfect addition to patient comfort, whether at home or at the hospital.

5. Cost-effective

A therapeutic mattress with its multiple foam layers is value for money when It comes to patient comfort and convenience. Durability aside, a great warranty period makes the investment worthwhile.

Therapeutic mattresses and therapeutic bed are the best solutions to having a sound sleep in our stressed world of today. One must make sure to buy them from a trusted manufacturer.