You are likely to step into any gym and spot more than one individual using some form of mechanism to boost their training. One of the most utilised items in the gym has to be the resistance band. Bands offer an uncommon means of resistance that differs from regular weight training.

Traditionally, free weights rely on gravity as resistance. This means that the weight is pulling towards the ground. Bands offer the use of altering angles by linking them to diverse exteriors. They can also be utilised to recreate classic exercises such as deadlifts and squats. Bands come in handy if you’re having difficulties accessing a gym. As long as you utilise enough resistance, you can modify the intensity of any workout.

Here is a nine-minute full-body callisthenics workout that you can try with the help of bands. Each of the exercises should be performed for half a minute with zero resting periods in between.

Band Monster Walk

For this exercise, you’ll need to utilise a small band. This will help you train the tiny muscles on the outer part of your hips. If you prefer, you can include supplements or steroids to help boost your workout. For a full range of training products, you can visit Steroids fax online store. As you perform this routine, you should feel a burning sensation around your hip area.

Exercise movement: Put the band around the ankles. Commence with your heels close together,exert weight in the heel, and bend the knees. Step forward while moving your feet sideways at a forty five-degree angle. Considering the action and take four steps back and forth for half a minute.

Band Pushup

Bands can help you mimic the bench press regardless of if you do not possess any weights. This routine is to strengthen your chest, triceps, and shoulders primarily. If the exercise becomes too intense, you can alternative to using your knees on the floor instead of your toes.

Exercise movement: Place the band over your back and grasp each end of the band with your hands separately. Once you are in the pushup position with the band in place, perform a regular pushup. The band will provide more resistance, making the bodyweight workout more intense.

Band Roman Deadlift

The deadlift movement requires one to reach to the ground and pick up weight, which can be in the form of a barbell or dumbbell. The Romanian deadlift focuses more on the hamstrings than regular deadlifting.

Exercise movement: Position yourself as you would during a deadlift. Position the band under your feet and grasp both ends with your hands. From this position, you can mimic the deadlift movement and the band will serve as a resistance when you lift your upper body. Remember to lean forward and maintain a flat back as you do the exercise.

Band Bent Over Row

This routine will focus on isolating the back muscles. One can utilise the band to help activate the muscles by contracting them during each move repetition.

Exercise movement: The exercise will follow a similar guideline as to the previous one but with a slight change in motion. Stick your butt outwards and slightly bend your upper body. The band will go around one foot and you will have to pull the band with your hands, making sure not to get any assistance from your back or legs. Keep your hands isolated throughout.

Band Squat to Press

Always save the best for last. This workout routine is a magnificent all-round exercise. The routine targets close to all muscle groups in our bodies and should serve as a good way of burning calories fast. I’d recommend using a lighter resistance band because you are required to stretch it farther than the other routines.

Exercise movement: With the band on the floor, move your feet in the middle and secure the ends with your hands. Bring your arms up to the height of your shoulder and push the band above your head. Do this until you straighten your elbows. Power your arms upwards to your shoulder height and do a slow squat. Follow this step by standing back up and stand tall with your arms over your head. This is the best workout for last because it involves the entire body thus burns more calories.


There are numerous ways that resistance bands can be utilised to enhance the intensity of particular routines. The above variations will help you get the idea of how to put the bands to great use while training.