You must have heard a lot about how coronavirus is bringing the global economy on its knees. Though the government of all countries is working seamlessly to rescue the global economy, however many industries are losing a heap of money with every passing second. 

However, COVID-19 has opened doors of opportunities for the grocery and food industry. When the government is shutting down half of the world, people are opting for online food delivery apps. According to recent records, grocery delivery apps have seen an incredible record of downloads amid coronavirus outbreak. 

While encouraging social distancing, many grocery stores have strengthened their presence online. Leveraging the capabilities of the latest technologies, not only help you stay strong in the game now but also helps you beat the competitive marketplace in the future. 

With on-demand food delivery apps flooding their smartphones, more shoppers are gradually accustomed to shopping online for their daily essential needs. By following the new approach, you can turn the current situation upside-down. 

If you are thinking to go digital, it is essential to find the right food delivery app development company online. A robust company can guide you through the app development process and build a successful app in less time and lower development costs. Before you consult a grocery app development company, you need to filter the right features for your app based on the business requirements. 

Here is a list of features that you can include in your grocery app to keep your business rolling even during the pandemic. 

  1. Easy & Smart Registration

Keep the registration process simple and quick. You can ask users to sign up directly from their social media channels or they register through a valid email-id and mobile number. 

  1. Proper Product Listing 

One of the key features of an online grocery portal is product listing. Ease of finding the product helps you in delivering a seamless shopping experience. Also, categorized products should have a rich description so that your customers can valuable information about every product. 

  1. Create a Shopping List

“Add to Cart” is another essential functionality that allows users to directly add the products in their card that they want to purchase. It not only eliminates the need for pen & paper but also saves time in placing the order. 

  1. Secure Payment Options

To make your platform one-stop solutions for customers, it should include secure but multiple ways to make successful transactions. The options may include cash on delivery, card payment, net banking, or mobile payment. It offers convenience to shoppers during difficult times.  

  1. Push Notifications

It is easy to let people know about your brand and services offered. This feature allows you to increase your consumer base in a shorter period. With this, you can share new updates, current deals and any information related to your products with a single click. 

  1. Boost Loyalty 

Giving offers and special discounts are always a great way to fetch the customer’s attention. Leveraging the capabilities of the latest technologies, you can keep a check on what your customers like to purchase that gives you a chance to keep the product discounted for more sales. It is a great way to increase customer engagement and boost customer retention rates. 

How Much It Cost To Build A Grocery App During Pandemic? 

The cost of your grocery app depends on several factors like features you include in your app, the location of the outsourcing company, hourly rates, and employee size. Some companies offer a reliable app cost calculator where users can get an estimated budget for their project. All they need to do is to answer a few questions depending on the app requirements and get an approximate budget in a couple of minutes. 

If you have an idea, it is the best time to invest in it. Many companies are offering their development services at lower rates to help retailers at the times of coronavirus outbreak. Choose the best and reliable app development company among the top 10 mobile app development service providers and let’s get started. 

The Future – How to Sustain the On-Demand Food Delivery App

Coronavirus will not stay for long, however, your app will. Thus, it is vital to say that your app must change according to the market needs to survive long. 

First of all, you should understand investing in on-demand food delivery app isn’t one time process. With time, you need to add new features and apply innovative approaches to beat your competitors. To achieve your goal you can also hire a dedicated app development company who can stand beside you as long you continue to run your business online. 

Secondly, never stick to a limited user base. Growing digitally gives you the advantage to ship your products to several areas without much trouble. An online food delivery Mobile app development company can help you throughout the process and take your retail business to the next level.