Newborn babies always require extra attention and additional safety measures. If you have just become parents, there are a lot of baby gears that you need to purchase. An infant car seat must be your priority when you’re taking your child with you on a long drive. As the newborn babies are too tender and sensitive, they can’t resist any jerking or heckle. The infant car seats can protect your child from sudden and accidental injury during a long drive.

What is an infant car seat?

An infant car seat is different from a regular car seat. The infant car seats are specifically for young infants and babies. These kinds of seats mainly face the rear portion of the car. You need to install the infant car seat inside your car. Make sure you keep that until your kid reaches the age of 7-8 years.

There are mainly two types of infant car seats- convertible car seats and booster car seats.

Although it is a tough job to select a suitable infant car seat for your car, there are thousands of infant car seats that will leave you confused. Also, some common factors help you to decide the perfect seat for your car.

How you can choose the suitable one for your car


It’s a primary thing to consider before buying an infant seat. The size of your car matters and there are varieties of seats with different sizes and shapes. You need to choose the seat that fits in your car space and gives the best comfort.


Mainly garage mechanics install the infant seat inside your car. But sometimes it is urgent to remove or install the seat immediately. So, it’s better to choose a seat that is easy to install and remove. Mainly, infant car seats with inbuilt anchors and tethers are easy to install. You can install or remove these kinds of seats anytime if you require them.

Safety measures

Nowadays, there are several models of car seats that have indicators and inbuilt levelling technology. These seats automatically indicate whether it is properly placed and settled or not.

Design and fabric

The design and fabric of the seats also matter. Your baby is going to sit in the seat. So you can’t compromise with the quality of the fabric. Apart from design and comfort, you also need to check if the material of the seat is durable or not. You must not intend to spend money frequently on replacing the seat. Also, choose a design and fabric that is comfortable and suitable for your baby.

Stroller compatibility

You need to get the seat that is compatible with any stroller. Because if you need to change the stroller, the seat has to be adjusted with it. Getting a compatible seat will be a better choice for you.

These are the things that you must not overlook. If the seat doesn’t match the mentioned criteria, it is not good enough. Get a seat that matches all the factors and also is suitable for your car and your baby.