The Meaning of an SAP and Its Evaluation Benefits

Before proceeding it is important to understand the meaning of SAP and the reasons for embracing its assessment. Typically, SAP refers to a Substance Abuse Professional Hence a certified person aimed at assessing those people who have misused alcohol or some DOT drug regulation agendas. Generally, the Substance Abuse Professional is a lawyer who not only does he or she focus on staff or the boss but also provides an all-inclusive service to protect the public concern. Additionally, dot qualified sap evaluates the staff and provide solutions regarding treatments, supplement testing, education, and rehabilitation services.


Roles of SAP

The Substance Abuse Professional offers a unique evaluation as well as exploration to the proprietor to help him or she decide if or not to maintain a staff member in the company’s public task. For instance, public services such as school bus driving, airplane flying, driving a lorry full of petrol across a railway line, or even at the emergency regulation devices of risky natural gas channel. These are usually services that require great attention and care hence the employees should always be sober. For that reason, dot qualified sap’s accountability and commitment towards the public is vast.

concerned young man talking with-a-substance abuse professional


The Assessment Process

  • Usually, this process involves one on one talk between the Substance Abuse Professional and the target employees. SAP should assess any existing substance abuse among public service providers. Once they determine the existence of the problem SAPs direct the employees on the right method of treatment. Besides, it is important to note that DOT regulations should be accompanied by proper recommendations in various stages of drug abuse. Hence, the dot qualified sap must educate and guide on how to treat the problem in every stage of substance misuse. For the first interview, there is a need for an appointment to follow-up on the assessment.
  • After the evaluation Substance Abuse Professional approves one or different processes to handle the situation. In this case, the employer must select one that suits him.
  • Thirdly, SAP sends a preliminary assessment report to the proprietor.
  • Additionally, Substance Abuse Professionals keep in touch with the treatment service providers to make sure that there is an agreement that goes hand in hand with the treatment strategies. Besides SAP ensures that there is a suitable level of treatment service.
  • Moreover, the follow-up assessment is done by the SAP to ensure that there is fruitful agreement as well as the achievement of the suggested treatment. If the staff complied with all the recommended treatments, SAP writes a Notice of Compliance to the employer including the supplement drug analysis and aftercare guidelines. On the other hand, if the staff never complied with the treatment strategies a Notice of Noncompliance is written to the boss.
  • Furthermore, if the employer requires the SAP to keep an eye on the recovering employees through one on one interviews, he or she will be revisiting them regularly. This helps to enhance the full recovery of the employees.