DVLA auctions

Every year, the DVLA or Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency possess many private registration numbers for auctions. It covers 5 live actions and 4 timed sales. The price increases per year. Even, the COVID 19 pandemic cannot refrain the buyers from purchasing unique number plates from the auctions. Private number plates are great investments for many people. In fact, investing in private number plates are safer than other volatile shares.

Timed Auction and Live auction differ from each other. In Timed auction, the bidders don’t have to attend the auction physically. They submit maximum bids that are undetectable to other bidders. The bidding initiates at the reserve price that is plus charges for all registrations. If they wish, they can raise their bid.

The hammer or sale price is subject to VAT (7 % Premium of auctioneer and buyer together with an assignment fee of £80. Additionally, the timed auction does not possess an auctioneer who would call the bids. There is only the presence of a bidding window. Whoever would bid the highest during the auction will win the registration number. The bid of each lot occurs for a specific period. After the period ends, the highest bidder wins the lot on the condition that the bid surpasses the reserve price.

Picture of DVLA auction of July 2020:

DVLA auction

All the personalized number plates made over £40,000 inclusive of the fees:

  • 1 NHS:- £120,040
  • 86 A:- £87020
  • SUN 1A:- £35120

Over £20,000 inclusive of fees:

  • 666 SB
  • 2 MKH
  • 93 NH
  • 666 J
  • 24 RAA
  • YEY 1
  • 880 O
  • 1 KVN
  • 3 USY
  • OO10 OOO
  • 1 HKY
  • 9 XT

Over £15,000:

  • 115 SH
  • 350 X
  • 123 DM
  • 511 CK
  • 1 TNG
  • 99 GO
  • 911 VS
  • 112 M
  • 150 B

The highest-grossing sales in the DVLA auction since 1989:

DVLA auction since 1989

Other interested private number plates that are sold in 2020:

interested private number plates

Live Auctions of 2020/2021:

2nd September (Wednesday) to 8th September (Tuesday) 2020

Timed Online Auctions of 2020/2021:

14th October (Wednesday) to 20th October (Tuesday) 2020

18th November (Wednesday) to 24th November (Tuesday) 2020 [Earlier advertised as Live Auction]

Timed Online Auction:

13th January (Wednesday) to 19th January (Tuesday) 2021

Venue Auction:

24th and 25th February 2021 at Cottons Hotel & Spa, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 0SU

Timed Auction (Online):

31st March (Wednesday) to 6th April (Tuesday) 2021

12th May (Wednesday) to 18th May (Tuesday) 2021

Venue Auction:

23rd and 24th June 2021 at Oxford Belfry Hotel, Milton Common, NrThame, Oxfordshire. OX9 2JW

Timed Auction (Online):

28th July (Wednesday) to 3rd August (Tuesday) 2021

8th September (Wednesday) to 14th September (Tuesday) 2021

Venue Auction:

20th and 21st October 2021 at Cambridge Belfry, Cambridge, CB23 6BW

Timed Auction (Online):

1st December (Wednesday) to 7th December (Tuesday) 2021

Additional Information:

Registrations in the Timed Online Auction of September 2020 are available now. The bidders can do the registration for the auction. Total of 1,250 registrations are on offer. The reserve price starts from £250.